Obama’s Immigration Overhaul Will Affect Tech

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President Obama’s plan to overhaul the nation’s immigration policies could not only save up to five million people from deportation, it will also affect the U.S. tech industry.

Obama will rely on an executive action for immigration reform, rather than working with Congress. In a Nov. 20 speech, he asserted that his actions are lawful. “To those members of Congress who question my authority to make our immigration system work better, or question the wisdom of me acting where Congress has failed, I have one answer: Pass a bill,” he told the nation.

Obama’s plan will expand the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA), which grants work permits and some legal protections to unauthorized immigrants who arrived in the United States as children. Under the new guidelines, unauthorized immigrants whose children are U.S. citizens, and who have lived in the country for at least five years, will also be protected. Those immigrants will need to pass criminal background checks and pay taxes.

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“I will make it easier and faster for high-skilled immigrants, graduates and entrepreneurs to stay and contribute to our economy,” Obama added. On paper, his plan will streamline the ability of foreign entrepreneurs and STEM workers to obtain visas, although specifics went unannounced; spouses of certain visa holders, including at least a portion of those with an H-1B, will have the ability to obtain work permits.

Some tech pundits seemed unimpressed with that part of Obama’s plan. “If this is all there is, then the president has missed a real opportunity,” Russ Harrison, a senior legislative representative at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, told Re/Code. “He could have taken steps to make it easier for skilled immigrants to become Americans through the green card system, protecting foreign workers and Americans in the process.”

While Obama has taken steps to fix what he views as a broken system, he’s also shifted the debate on immigration to a whole new level. Expect tech firms across the nation to ponder the merits and drawbacks of his plan for quite some time to come.

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63 Responses to “Obama’s Immigration Overhaul Will Affect Tech”

  1. Alex Shoemaker

    Obama is trying to act like an emperor not as president anymore.
    He is not above the law or the legal system but he was suppose to follow and obey the laws we already have instead of trying to change them to his own will, like dictators do in 3rd world countries.
    Immigration is an issue as much as nay other but the congress and the house have to deal with it to keep our democratic system alive.
    God bless the USA

        • James Green1

          @Sam, wrong Bush led the country to a useless expensive WAR we are still trying to get out off, and strip away are privacy through the patriot act. Also under Bush(s) imperial rule he destroyed the economy(which we are still suffering for) and increased the number of H1b visa(s) in this country. Where were you @SAM when all of this was happening.

          • Pat Saison

            Should a country, any country, have upwards of 11 million, or even much more, illegal aliens running around? Wouldn’t an objective person say there is something drastically wrong here?

            Should and can a president, any president, blame someone else for this when he has been in office for more than 6 years. Wasn’t under my watch or before my watch, I inherited it, sounds kind of weak.

            Amnesty is a special consideration and a waiver, limited in scope. To apply it to 5-to-11million people is very broad, and it gives the message that “our immigration laws have no meaning, you can ignore them and nothing bad will happen.

          • You’re a fool if you believe that anyone is trying to get out of this war, and even more so if you really believe that a president, who gets at most 8 years on the job, is trusted with such far-reaching and enduring decisions as going to war.

            Obama held the line on the war after he was told why the war is on, and what it is intended to accomplish, and the next president will do the same until it is time to bring it to an end.

        • “Bush respected the Constitution and working together.”

          Are you high? Have you ever heard of one William Eldridge Odom? He was NSA Director from 1985-1988. He said the following of the POTUS you so admire:

          “The president has let (the Iraq war) proceed on automatic pilot, making no corrections in the face of accumulating evidence that his strategy is failing and cannot be rescued. He lets the United States fly further and further into trouble, squandering its influence, money and blood, facilitating the gains of our enemies.”

          “An attempt to extort Congress into providing funds by keeping U.S. forces in peril.. surely would constitute the ‘high crime’ of squandering the lives of soldiers and Marines for his own personal interest.”

          “As many critics have pointed, out, terrorism is not an enemy. It is a tactic. Because the United States itself has a long record of supporting terrorists and using terrorist tactics, the slogans of today’s war on terrorism merely makes the United States look hypocritical to the rest of the world.”

          “The invasion of Iraq may well turn out to be the greatest strategic disaster in American history.”

          And GWB, so far as the economy goes, is a party to its destruction. He was not the only one. It started before him, but he did nothing to help it, in fact exacerbated it. You can start your homework here:


    • Afraidofbeingtheminority

      He really is above the law. God’s, law has prevailed,.., what man meant for Evil, God has turned to Good,….you can wait for the “house of fools” if you want, we (the majority of the people of the World included), will move on, with you, or without you…your choice…God, bless our President, Barack Obama.

    • Peter Stown

      @Alex Shoemaker, if John Boehner didn’t sit on his arse for over 521 days after Senate passed the comprehensive immigration bill, we will not be having this discussion. The extreme elements in the republican party scare him out of his wits.

      • Larry Griffith

        The Dems had a majority in both houses of Congress in 2009-10. Why didn’t they pass it then? Why is it Boener’s fault that the Dems couldn’t get off their behinds and pass a bill when they could have done it over any Republican opposition?

    • White folks need to stop bitching and moaning about what this black president is doing. Not every one has to agree with president Obama’s immigration policies, which is US citizens Constitutional rights. Nevertheless, you need to read your history books since you are the ones that claim to have wrote it. Apparently, president Obama is not the only emperor of the United States. He is just obeying the laws given to him under the Executive Branch of the federal government, therefore he can execute his authority to issue executive orders too. Through out history, many other presidents have done so, including presidents Roosevelt, Lincoln, Bush etc., some maybe more than Obama. Comments like “He is …trying to change them to his own will, like dictators do in 3rd world countries….” borders on racist undertones.

      Sea (2014 12 8)


  2. >>Some tech pundits seemed unimpressed with that part of Obama’s plan. “If this is all there is, then the president has missed a real opportunity,” said Russ Harrison, a senior legislative representative at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, told Re/Code. “He could have taken steps to make it easier for skilled immigrants to become Americans through the green card system, protecting foreign workers and Americans in the process.”<<

    Excuse me, the H1B is the most misused system in play. As one of the many who have been displaced by the system, let's call it what it is, a cheap way to improve the corporate bottom line. Permanent positions are vanishing as contractors using H1B's provide cheap labor to the corporations. There is very little 'need' for foreign skills other than price. As one who has spent considerable amount of time training these 'skilled' workers, let's just make the H1B go away and let the other tech transfer programs do what they were meant to do before they were subverted by the H1B. If we are so proud of American tech, why are we so gung ho to make it anything other than American?

    • I agree with you Steve. Obama is just paying back some of his campaign contributors like Mark Zuckerberg and the other tech titans who want cheap over seas labor.I think it’s disgusting and I may never vote democratic again.

    • Alex Shoemaker

      Well said Steve, it was posted here so many times that more than 50% of all H1Bs come here as beginners and are trained here by us to take our positions and make our labor cheap.

      Where do our politician think our kids are going to get their first tech job, in India? Seriously people?

      It’s time for some real Americans stop with this cheap labor, send this people back and give our jobs back.

      I’m not opposed to have really skilled people here under H1B training us or even leading us but giving them our starting tech positions is too much.

    • Afraidofbeingtheminority

      I am very impressed with OUR President Obama’s decision to do away with the hiprocisy, and make this country what God intended it to be. What you said in your post is so far from the truth, and yes, you are the minority, and that includes the opinions you are trying to convey in the post

      • WTF are you talking about “AFRAIDOFBEING…” What God intended [this country] to be? You are a moron. The President should protect the rights of U.S. Citizens and their ability to work first, especially above illegal immigrants or corporate [expletive] like Zuckerberg. This expansion of high-tech visas will likely force me to make a career change as rates come down. This move will do what Obama supposedly is against…an ever widening gap between the poor and the rich. In a sane world, Obama would have already been removed from office. This twisted liberal reality has everything turned on its head.

    • That's the stuff


      Can you please give an example to contrast the difference between the salary of an “native (sic) american” IT worker with one of those H1B IT workers?

      I’m a TN1 visa holder who came to the U.S. to work as a software developer and I find it unsettling to read that American citizens are losing their jobs because of companies hiring foreign workers.

      I’m grateful to the company that sponsored my visa but I’m not sure if the salaries they are paying are really under the average salary for a worker in this industry.

      From my own experience I can tell that there are so many middlemen that companies use to avoid paying what they owe to the government and to the workers they hire.

    • Agreed. Why and how has this IEEE minion become a shill for corporate America? I don’t belong to the IEEE. If I did, I’d quit. I thought the IEEE would advocate for its members (mostly American citizens). I guess I am naive in that regard.

    • U Kidding Me

      Exactly, there skilled foreign workers but many are not. I do not blame the H1B workers since many of us would do the same if we were in there shoes. It is the useless corporate pigs who are to blame for the misuse and artificially created “tech gap.” We do have the skilled workers already in the U.S. Many others may need only minimal training or updating of their skills. But the fact is that H1B workers are paid about 20% less than an American citizen in the same job role, they are not entitled to any benefits, and have to be obedient and work like slaves or risk being quickly replaced and sent back home. This also creates an environment which lowers salaries for U.S. tech workers. If there truly was a tech talent shortage companies would be offering bonuses, training, and other perks to qualified U.S. citizens in droves. Also, 98% of H1B visas would not be given to workers who come from poorer nations like India. I have dealt with hundreds of H1B workers and every single one of them was an Indian national. I have never come across a European, Australian, Japanese, or Korean H1B. Not one. It is simply an ill-advised way corporations are trying to avoid paying fair market value to U.S. tech employees to increase their bottom line. What they may not realize is that a great many, if not most, H1B workers make IT much more inefficient because of the glaring communication problems that arise when trying to work with them. Most may know English but the accent is so thick or skewed it makes collaborating on even the simplest of tasks next to impossible. If I only have to ask an H1B to repeat himself 3 times I consider that a win. Mix-ups, delays, and downright completely wrong work is frequently the result.
      What they need is an H1B program to import German, Korean, and Scandinavian corporate executives to replace the worthless leeches at many American companies. That is where the true talent gap exists.

  3. Just what the tech industry needs, keep the H1B visa people here. They work for less. Which keeps the wages down and discourages us citizens from getting into the industry.

    A few years ago there was a big stink because India colleges where going to stop giving everybody a A. They decided to continue with the practice.

    I have had India companies coach contractors on how to lie in the interview. And the person that was phone interviewed isnt the one that shows up.

    There are qualified H1B visa professionals. But until we deal with the issues we shouldnt extend their time here.

    • I disagree. Keeping these workers in America will decrease average tech salaries, true. Deporting them would be even worse. There is an overabundance of fiber-optic cable, laid by Global Crossing during the dot-com boom, connecting the US to Bangalore India. There, skilled tech workers can still take American jobs, and live comfortably on $15K / yr (in US dollars, of course). Keep them in America, and they’ll have to demand higher wages to maintain an American cost of living.

      It’s a globalized economy. There’s an internet, if you haven’t heard, that can connect American jobs to every country in the world, without them needing to live here. Keeping them is bad, deporting them is worse.

        • I have to agree with David and James. We need to stop the outsourcing. That’s what destroyed the tech jobs (and other jobs) here in the US. Americans out of work means no taxes paid to the US, Americans making less means less taxes paid, hence -> greater US debt, another problem we have.

          Stop the outsourcing, period. And to James’s idea of taxing the corporations, I say it has to be in a way that is so extremely painful that it’s better to keep it here in the US.

          David has revealed one of the problems with India developers. The are lost of problems with India developers.

          1. Most cheat on all tests (that’s actually part of the culture over there, a means to getting good grades). Including (but not limited to) ProveIt, MeasureUp, MS Certification exams, …

          2. I’ve noticed India IT professionals here in the US, only hire IT workers from India. Try being an American and going to an interview that’s done by someone from India. The majority of the contracting work I got was from hiring managers who were not from India.

          3. Once I’ve had 3 different recruiters call me about the same job. Two of them wanted to pay $65 an hour. The last one was a recruiter from India and they wanted o pay me $14 an hour.

          4. Converting a DB2 database over to SQL Server, Tata, (remember them?) did it by hand, took them 6 months, missed several fields, indexes, tables… a complete mess, hundreds of errors which by the way, was reported by my program, hence, which led to me doing the work and I had the process completely automated and done in a week.

          Let’s get the facts straight. The talent was and still is right here in America. Back in the day, there was only a tiny handful of qualified candidates from India worthy of taking a job here in the US. The rest were horrible. Since they’ve had about 13 years to learn the stuff (if that) and get some experience, the India IT quality is better, still not quite as good as the Americans, but thanks to the government, they wiped out most of the talented, overly qualified American IT workforce. I hope the politicians are happy with the money from the special interests.

  4. Nigel Deans

    I guess I just never jumped on the ObamaDrama wagon… It seems to me that the entire point of the commentary was only implied, almost as an excuse to say something else. Where in the article is there any prediction about how Obama’s policy will impact the tech industry, other than to say they will be pondering the issue for quite some time to come? If the point is that non-citizens will have easier access to work visas, then why not complete the thought and realize this means the tech industry will have easier access to wider range of talent?

    I can’t see how this is a bad thing for the tech industry. I can’t see how it’s bad thing for the country either since it means more of the talent that tech firms currently have to go overseas for will soon be available as tax-paying talent right here at home.

    As far as I can tell, the only people that might have an issue with Obama’s planned executive move are the not-so-talented workers that want the tech industry to be forced the give the jobs to them or the bigots that just want to keep the immigrants out… or, I suppose the people that just want to bash Obama because their daddy does.

      • Well said, Alex. The Oracle Apps space has practically been taken over by Indians through H1Bs. They have proliferated so much in the industry that just about every Oracle Apps job I find on Dice is posted by an Indian, as well as Indians running the project and on the client side as well. They have formed their own fiefdoms using our H1B program. I find it extremely annoying and a slap in the face to have someone with an H1B deciding whether I, as a U.S. Citizen, can get the job.

        • Ditto. Indians are being taken out of mud huts and trained to take the three highest paying jobs in America – Doctor, Engineer, and CEO.

          When was the last time you found a non-Indian doctor who was taking new patients.

          I now have a policy that I don’t accept technical screening interviews because they are merely used to disqualify me for a position. Only Indians use tech screens because they brought their cheating lying business culture with them and that is one of the tools of their corrupt system. American businesses, instead of rejecting that model, have simply learned to live with it.

  5. Outsourced Sam

    “I will make it easier and faster for high-skilled immigrants, graduates and entrepreneurs to stay and contribute to our economy,”

    Oh come on, ‘highly skilled’ immigrants and not in focus here. Obama is telling a lie. The millions that are here illegally have spent their class time hoping the fence and hiding from police, not learning great IT skills.

  6. Afraidofbeingtheminority

    All of you that are critical of President Obama’s decision are:
    1) Plain out racist …did you forget this was a land you forefathers STOLE and called it their owe.

    2) This is not YOUR country…this is a land of people f the WORLD

    3) YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL (that’s right, soon to be minority)

    4) Who cares what you think about OUR President…SUE, like that ignorant guy you call House leader …what a putz.

    5) Better yet, just grin and bear it …and God Bless this place we call home

    • When this outsourcing began –
      1. You weren’t competing with thousands of out of work IT professionals
      2. You didn’t almost lost you house, and your car
      3. You didn’t witness politicians lying on TV, in public, saying there are no skilled workers here in the US
      4. You haven’t gotten your pay lowered to half or a third of what it use to be when you did find something
      5. India IT professionals only hire IT professionals from India, My friend, that’s racism.
      6. You haven’t taken the same exam as someone else from India, and got a lower score even though you passed and studied more, all because they cheated on the exam.
      7. You haven’t hired someone only to realize you’ve been lied to and the person you were interviewing was not the same person you talked to over the phone. BTW, I hear that story a lot.
      8. You never had to compete with someone who will move to another state in a moments notice just to take your job. Don’t forget to refer to #5 as to why that’s a bad thing, not to mention he or she is not interested in buying a home here in the US. What does that tell you?

      Do you want more? There’s plenty more to go around. I’ve been in this business for a long time, and I’ve seen and heard it all, including all the confessions.

  7. Alex Shoemaker

    Thank you making easier for all Americans reading this postings understand exactly where the issue is.

    Do you by chance know the meaning of Nation or Nationality?

    There is no such thing like a Nation without lawful citizens… we made this country what it is right now and our parents and grandparents before us…. you and your illegal friends think you can just take it over?

    Go back to where you belong and if you really think you are so good make it bigger than USA… if you can.

    • Yes. Thank you Mr President … for showing how morally, politically, and economically bankrupt the liberal socialist agenda really is.

      Praise the Lord for restoring the Senate to Republican dominance.
      Praise the Lord for increasing the Republican majority in the House of Representatives.

      Praise Allah that Obammy is now a lame duck.

      Check … mate???

  8. Pat Saison

    BO is just politicizing the Immigration issue, throwing a hot potato to the Republicans to burn their hands. If the Republicans mishandle it, in the next election, the Hispanic and other immigrant vote may accrue to the Democrats.

    What a devilish intent. Insincere and underhanded. No real and sincere effort to address the immigration issue, and keep and protect the interests of US Citizens. The immigration laws are on the books, poorly enforced and leading to this mess. Talk about national security, what other country has so many illegal aliens running around? A backdoor for ISIS.

    Granting Amnesty is stupid, especially on this massive scale; it will have a tremendous impact on the lives of most US citizens. The 5 million will grow rapidly to 10 million as Amnesty is speculated, and the lax laws and enforcements thereof continue.

    The Amnesty is not fixing problems, but perpetuating the existing problems and creating new problems.

    Say no to Obama and his devilish attempt, cloaked to sound good and noble, his signature ploy..

  9. Well educated, high-skilled immigrants could play a major role in increasing America’s economic growth, which has been stuck since the recession below 2 percent – far below the 4 percent range that prevailed after past downturns. Boosting growth would mean lower unemployment, less burdensome debt, and more opportunities for entrepreneurs and the people who work for them. Right now, along with more open trade, a better immigration policy is probably the fastest way to get significantly stronger growth

  10. Currently, for example, most Fortune 500 firms run their core computing platforms and business-process technologies using services firms that employ H1B visa holders. Restricting the growth of skilled immigration to the U.S. will mean shipping those operations overseas – and with them, jobs currently held by native-born Americans.

    • James Green

      Let those companies ship those jobs oversea(s) and our reaction should be to restrict the sell if their goods or services to that local market. In other words they sell there good where they located the jobs and no longer have access to the America market.

  11. Citizen IT worker

    The U.S. IT worker cannot compete with the lower wages H1-B visas are willing to work for.

    Greedy CEOs are salivating over the prospect of lower wages and benefits.
    For them and the bean counters, we are labor costs.

    Then they complain that revenue is down.

    Unemployed citizens do not make long-term discretionary purchases.
    They are too concerned keeping food on the table and the utilities on.
    The “job creation”…sure if you want to work for Wal-Mart wages and benefits.

    Our legislators have failed the U.S. worker as well.
    Here is how to fix it:
    1. Corporate “adverse employment tax” equivalent to annual worker salary for every job sent offshore. Paid every year the job is out of the country.
    2. Cancelation of existing H1-B visas. 90 days to employ U.S. workers. No new H1-B visas to be issued for at least 5 years.
    3. Cancelation of non-citizen student scholarships and financial aid at state run universities. Awarded to U.S. citizens only.
    4. Real enforcement of employment laws which prohibit foreign companies such as Tata Consulting, Infosys and Collabera from bringing in H1-B visa workers at the expense of U.S. workers because they will work for a lot less.

    Time we started protecting our own.

    A nationwide walk-out by IT workers on a single day would send a message.

    • patsaison

      Just like with the other aspects of immigration, the H1-B issue can be fixed simply with enforcement. It is not that the laws are not on the books, but that they are bypassed and not enforced.

      There should be whistle blower incentives for reporting violations. And if employers violate, if caught fine them so heavily they would find it difficult to stay in business.

      For snakes who smuggle illegals–if caught, execute them, or at least put them in jail for 30 years.


      What other country can have 5-11 million illegals running around? Incredible.

    • I don’t get it… Your country was made for inmigrants from your foundation… Now, you have a very racist attitude, even requesting H1B visas… That’s mean, if it happen, that my wife and i can’t work/live/study in your country, even if we’ll go legally… I think that it will never happen… But, if we try to live in your country, we must see all the citizens pointing us, because we are inmigrants… We are against the illegal inmigration, because we suffer that in our country, but i am against the square-minded, that reject the inmigrants, even if they play with the same rules, like the inhabitants of the country, and even if they came legally


    I got very little out of this article about an immigration overhaul affecting technology. No politician cares what happens to Americans. If politicians cared what happens to Americans they would practice daily tasks that would benefit Americans first and their overseas bank accounts last. If he “improves” the immigration law the way he “improved” health care, immigrants are going to be screwed. Anytime a person wants to help people they don’t know anything about, that person should ask/talk with the people they are trying to help so they can get it right. More simple tasks would be to close our borders, penalize businesses that hire illegal immigrants, and bring the jobs back to America so the Americans who have a degree can work in their field, pay off thousands of dollars in college debt and live a decent life one day. Just a thought.

  13. Why are so many people on here complaining about jobs? Is it the governments job to employ everyone? These people coming here taking your jobs and taking them for less pay is brilliant! Americans constantly look at how it effects them personally, but its our laziness that keeps these individuals coming here and taking our jobs. If they are skilled enough to work in the field then why shouldn’t they? They come here seeking a better life and are willing to sacrifice everything to do it! That is the american dream. An american has no specific color, or religion and that is what we were founded on. I do think something with immigration has to happen. I do not support our president in doing this himself, however do you think that the way the house and senate are now that anything will be accomplished quickly? I wish he would first close off the borders and secure them, not to keep people out but to regulate those who com in. There is a difference. Regulating the disease coming into the country, and the population is mandatory. I think if our government would actually work together then we could continue to be the greatest country in the world but with the bi-partisan in DC we continue to rapidly go down. We were founded by immigrants, why should someone be told they can not come here is the question at hand? 10 million people being made legal is only 3% of an increase to the population. 10 million sounds huge but it is not really. If we could get rid of all of those who choose not to work and feed off the government(not including those who cant help it due to medical reasons and such) and replace them with hard working immigrants then I would do it in a second. You all would complain they are taking are jobs and lowering our wages! Who promised you that a job was entitled to you for being here? Continue to improve yourself and educate yourself, make yourself valuable and keep moving forward, or else your going to get left behind and forgotten. Technology is going to continue to improve and make things easier. Technology is taking jobs faster than any immigrant. It will continue to do so whether you like it or not.

  14. I lost my last three jobs because of ‘high-skilled’ H1B candidates which were, surprise, much cheaper! I promise you there were NOT better… not by a long shot.
    Last job I lost because of H1B fraud. I reported it to the ICE and Homeland Security but nobody cares!
    When I was invited to interviews I only saw other ‘high-skilled’ H1B candidates but I didn’t understand there English.
    Most time I don’t see other Americans only this ‘high-skilled’ H1B candidates talking in groups about simple solutions.

    • There’s so much more. These “native English speakers” never speak English except amongst themselves. They only hire other Indians whenever the can manage it. They are not here in a “supplemental” role. They are running projects entirely, from the top to the bottom, and nobody will investigate or even question their illegal selection practices.

      L1 abuse is far greater than H1B. This is supposed to be used to overseas employees to visit their coworkers in the United States for the purpose of collaboration. Instead, firms like IBM and CSC use it to bring entire project teams to the United States. The L1 quotas are now usually filled by March of each year, making it impossible for legitimate L1 applications to be processed.

  15. Pamela LaPier

    This is the most racist and ignorant thing I have ever seen. If you’re skilled then you can find a tech job. The majority of these folks clean your motel rooms and pick your fruit. I don’t think you have much to worry about. You’re lucky that when your ancestors came we didn’t have system to keep people out but one to bring people in.

    • “If you’re skilled then you can find a tech job.”

      90% of me emails and phone calls about an application are from Indian people or Indian companies.

      If I cut my salary 50% I will get an job immediately.

      Or I am an employee at an Indian company for less money and with Indian rules and work in an American company.

      In 10 years you need two jobs as an ‘high-skilled’ IT person to afford a car and apartment.

  16. I think no one should feel discriminated at all, if you don’t feel welcome here just go back to your own land… simple as that
    If America is the way it is now is because we made it with sacrifice and blood.
    India was a British colony as much as Australia… I don’t see Australians around here as illegals… I wonder why?
    It’s easier to send people over than to do your job at home.
    No sympathy here, sorry

  17. @by sea… are you idiot trying to turn this into a racist matter? This is a forum where many of us “white folks” are expressing our opinion, moron, grow up! This constitutional right “the black president” didn’t take from us yet.

  18. I am a citizen married a US Citizen. This country is one of the decent places to live on the planet. Sky is the limit if one has potential. Though an immigrant I always argued this country doesn’t need this much IT Workers from INDIA or from any other country what we need is highly skilled scientists or highly skilled engineers may be few highly skilled programmers. I encountered some practical problems we opened up a position for an ETL Developer in suburbs of DC. Salary is decent it’s six figures. the eligible should have greencard or citizenship but unfortunately we were not able to fill the right candidate from the CVs we have got it became hard to fill the position. It is with much discussion with the client we sought H1B visa worker but he is OK not that great One side of the truth is corporation lobby for H1b for cheap labor which should be curbed and opportunities should be given to the local but at the same time how to find the right candidate when local people do not satisfy the requirement so some way the govt has to come to the middle or to some extent to the right to have some flexibility for H1 Visas and come up with some kind of process or selection which make sure only few right candidates are inside the country to fill the positions which otherwise cannot be fulfilled by the local americans.