Employers Want You to Have These Cloud Skills

Cloud Computing

“Cloud” is in the running for the most-hyped term of the decade, and with good reason. Despite some early skepticism over the willingness of consumers and businesses to upload their work and lives to remote data centers, a rapidly growing number of people trust the cloud to store and manage their data.

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That desire for the cloud creates a corresponding need for IT professionals who can manage the complex systems underlying it. A recent analysis of searches by hiring managers in the Dice resume database found that employers want pros adept in Linux, Java/J2EE, SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), Python, virtualization, and other skills. Here’s the complete list of the most popular:

1. Linux
2. Java/J2EE
3. SaaS
4. Python
5. Virtualization
6. Hadoop
7. vCloud
8. Security
9. Salesforce
10. Sales
11. C, C++, C#
12. OpenStack
13. Big Data
14. DevOps
15. Puppet

Many entries on this list hint at cloud-builders’ preferences for platforms and tools. Puppet, for example, is an open-source IT automation tool, created by Puppet Labs, that’s used by a growing number of universities and companies to manage system configurations. OpenStack is an IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) platform similarly relied upon by a number of firms. And efficient data storage and analysis wouldn’t be possible without Hadoop or all the tools that fall under the umbrella of “Big Data.”

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Architects, engineers, developers, administrators, and analysts were the top positions sought by hiring managers in the context of cloud. That’s unsurprising, in light of all the companies (big and small) devoting enormous resources to building out, managing, and tweaking their respective cloud platforms. In tech-centric cities such as Seattle, the need for professionals skilled in cloud fundamentals has contributed to increased hiring. And with increased hiring comes bigger salaries—which makes the cloud good not only for consumers and businesses, but tech pros as well.

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3 Responses to “Employers Want You to Have These Cloud Skills”

  1. I’m not sure how your search missed some of the most common skills:
    HTML coding, CSS, JavaScript and ASP.NET
    The first two are somewhat implied, but the last two seem to appear in 80% of the searches that I find, even though I’m not searching specifically for cloud computing, and without those two, cloud computing would be virtually non-existent.

    • We’re talking here about cloud computing (backend systems) and html or javascript don’t have anything to do with that (expect node.js …).
      ASP.NET is popular, but not among compagnies who innovate and create technologies, those compagnies use open source technologies and contribute to develop them too. Only compagnies who don’t care about technology (manufacturing, some banks, retailers) use Microsoft techs because it’s ”easier” to integrate and have a good support too.

      So if you compare JEE to ASP.NET and say that ASP.NET is dominating and that without it cloud is virtually non-existant, you should build a better knowledge base about what technologies are used in the industry.