Daily Tip: Meg Whitman on a Successful Career

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Fortune recently compiled a list of job advice from some of the world’s top CEOs and business leaders, including Marc Andreessen and Warren Buffett, many of whom offer some pretty standard-issue counsel (“Follow your passion,” and so on). On that list, Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman stands out for offering some lengthy—and useful—advice for those just starting out their careers:

“Tips for leading a happy and successful career: Be clear what matters most. And what matters most is your family. There are tradeoffs that you will make, but remember, at the end of the day that is probably the most important group of people in your lives, and that has been true for me from day one.”

And also:

“My advice to young people is if you find yourself in a company where you’re being asked to do something that you don’t think is right or you’re feeling uncomfortable about the leadership and the direction of the company, run, do not walk, for the doors.”

Keep that in mind.

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4 Responses to “Daily Tip: Meg Whitman on a Successful Career”

  1. Kind of like how you dismissed all american I.T. people from ebay to provide a more traditional non-american work force. Boy I just so love america. Especially with [expletive] put her in charge.

    • Fred Bosick


      Shortly after starting her new job at HP, she went to India just to tell the workers there that they won’t get laid off.

      I’d take her advice only on how to be a money grubbing psychopath.

    • Yeah now she’s doing the same thing with HP. All the jobs are going to India. And she’s following Yahoo dumba$$ no remote workers rule, but remote workers are ok if they are overseas.

  2. jelabarre

    Yeah, Meg Whitman, the person most responsible for *ruining* eBay. Yeah, I’m really going to listen to *her* for advice. Maybe we could listen to the former CEO of Lehman Brothers on how to run a sucessful investment house too.