Daily Tip: Fresh Eyes on Cover Letters, Resumes


In the early 1960s, NASA scientists reportedly omitted a hyphen from a guidance program uploaded to the Mariner 1 spacecraft, causing the latter to veer off course immediately after launch. Rather than allow the spacecraft to crash-land and possibly kill someone, NASA opted to remotely detonate the craft, arguably making that missing hyphen the most expensive typo in history.

Leaving a few typos in your resume and cover letter probably won’t set the U.S. space program back a few years, but it will definitely make it harder for a company to consider you a serious applicant for a job. While you can (and should) scan your documents for errors before submitting them, having a second, fresh pair of eyes is an even better option.

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Image: NASA

2 Responses to “Daily Tip: Fresh Eyes on Cover Letters, Resumes”

  1. In IT jobs competition on wage-pricing, I would not overstate the importance of hyphens.
    Sometimes it’s the digits that determine who gets the job or not.
    Still, double-check your grammar.