AMD’s New Female CEO Paid Less Than Her Predecessor

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Advanced Micro Devices is catching some flak over the salary for new Chief Executive Officer Lisa Su.

The company plans on paying Su around $850,000, significantly less than what her predecessor, Rory Read, received during his tenure in the CEO chair. Read had earned roughly $1 million per year since 2011. According to Bloomberg, AMD issued a statement defending the gap: “Rory’s compensation included various incentives common in situations in which a person joins a new company. As a current employee, this was not the case for Lisa.”

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Su joined AMD in 2012 as a senior vice president and general manager, before the company promoted her to chief operating officer. In the latter role, her responsibilities included integrating the company’s business units into a more cohesive whole.

While Su’s total pay might rise after other perks and bonuses are factored in, the gap between her and Read could reignite the long-simmering debate over gender and salary in the tech world. As Bloomberg, The Register, and other publications have pointed out, the debate received a little more fuel after last week’s comments by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella that women should “trust” the system to give them a raise, rather than actually ask for one. (Nadella later tried to walk back his statement.)

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In the aftermath of Nadella’s snafu, Claire Cain Miller wrote in The New York Times that, “Women are paid less than men, and one reason is that women are less likely to negotiate for raises or promotions.” Whatever the story behind the gap between Su and Read, critics could use the AMD situation to further argue that the discrepancy in male and female pay in tech extends all the way up to the CEO suite.

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4 Responses to “AMD’s New Female CEO Paid Less Than Her Predecessor”

  1. John Doe

    This is nothing. They have been (expletive) people of color and women for years. I’ll bet you I go back as recently as 4 years ago where a white man was placed into the same job I was doing for a couple few years and his salary will like 0 to 30 percent hire than what I was paid. reason being you pay more for a white man that you would an educated black/ first nations people person or a Asian woman doing the same position as a white male. This (expletive) has to stop and it has to STOP NOW!

  2. It’s not what you make! It’s what you negotiate!! Women do not how to negotiate!! Or they choose not to! I make a lot more than most men in my field. I am not afraid to walk away from an offer if I am not shown the money!!. It’s her own fault.

  3. There is absolutely nothing wrong with paying ANYONE less money than the last person who had the same role. It’s not just a matter of negotiation, there are a lot of other factors. In this case, the woman was already working for the company and was getting promoted. Of course she was offered less money, since the company knew she was already loyal to the company, etc. etc. etc. etc. Not everything has to do with ‘equality of the sexes’. If the pertinent woman feels she is being paid ‘fairly’ than you know what? SHE IS BEING PAID FAIRLY.