U.S. Is Top Country for Global Tech Workers

Top Countries Where Foreigners Would Like to Work 2014

Would you be willing to drop everything and move to another country for a job?

The Boston Consulting Group and The Network surveyed 200,000 people in 189 countries to figure out the global willingness to work abroad. The conclusion? People will indeed set down professional roots in another country—although younger workers seem far more willing to expatriate than their older peers.

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An internationally mobile labor market increases the pressure on cities such as New York and London to provide an ideal mix of housing, education, public health, and other factors that attract top talent.

Some 65 percent of those responding to the survey said they would consider working abroad in order to broaden their personal experience. Acquiring work experience, finding better career opportunities, pursuing an attractive job offer, and improved salary prospects also topped the list of reasons.

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Where do the majority of global workers want to head? The United States, which 42 percent of respondents listed as their top potential work destination, followed by the U.K. (37 percent), Canada (35 percent), Germany (33 percent), Switzerland (29 percent), and France (29 percent).

London topped the list of most appealing cities (16 percent), followed by New York (12.2 percent), Paris (8.9 percent), Sydney (5.2 percent), and Madrid (5.0 percent).

Most Desired Global Cities

But citizens in the United States seemed a bit more reluctant to return the favor—less than 50 percent said they either lived abroad or would consider doing so for work. That’s in sharp contrast to countries such as France, where a significant majority of citizens seemed willing to explore jobs in other nations.

“If workers have exactly the skills that are needed in their country of origin or in the country they want to move to, they may indeed be in great shape,” the report concluded. “But the better the opportunity, the more likely there are to be hundreds or thousands of highly skilled foreigners coming in to compete for the available positions, especially in economies and companies that have laid the right groundwork.”

As if globalization hadn’t made competition hard enough.

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Image: The Boston Consulting Group/The Network 

13 Responses to “U.S. Is Top Country for Global Tech Workers”

  1. THERE IS NO SHORTAGE OF STEM WORKERS IN THE UNITED STATES! GET RID OF ALL H1-Bs and send them back to their home countries! And who in their right minds can afford to live in New York, Paris, London, etc.? Sheesh Dice……..

  2. Ron Baskerville

    The competition is so high in the US, why won’t US companies be patriotic and open these jobs to Americans only and stop the import of cheapskate labor into the U.S.??!! This has gone on so long it has become sickening!! Especially with super well funded business and immigration law lobbies that are preventing this problem from being lime-lighter in the main stream press!!

    • I think capital is by nature unpatriotic. Right, foreign workers will go to US for a cheap wage which in foreign currency may look like enough. Many will not stay long in such condition and usually go back to origin countries.

    • its globalization, all countries getting benefited.US gains max by selling weapons, jets, people coming here which is developing economy. See how many new constructions in USA for banks, malls, shopping centers, apts. US is #1 gainer for importing people and selling weopons, jets. IT is not only one in the world. wake up and go to find other jobs good fit for us.

      • Andrew Tempel

        @Maddy – I don’t know where you live, but here in York, PA, malls and factories are closing, unemployment is above 10 percent, and fully half the town is on welfare, food stamps, disability, medicaid, unemployment, social security, etc. Empty strip malls and commercial properties are being bulldozed to save taxes. Why any bank would lend money to new businesses in this area is beyond me.

  3. You were duped if you were laid off during the recession and voted for Washington Democrats.

    People from foreign countries are taking your jobs because Washington will do nothing about it.

    Attorney General Eric Holder will go down in history as the worst Attorney General in the history of the United States.

    Unlike the former attorney general that sent thousands of folks to jail during the Savings and Loan scandal, Eric Holder let all those bankers that got us into this current recession go free.

    Prepare for another recession and retrain yourself other than IT or accept a job in another country.

    The cost of living is pretty cheap in come countries and the quality of life I hear is good.

  4. DavidPL

    It is not the Democrats that are hiring foreign workers. It’s the same Republicans that boast about American exceptionalism that refuse to hire Americans and would rather outsource, giving away company intellectual property or hire foreign workers.

  5. Foreign labor should be expensive. I’m OK with US companies hiring as many foreign nationals as they want for $100,000/year.
    Other big problem with H1B visa workers:
    1. They cannot become employers
    2. They cannot for all practical purposes, change employers and thus competition for workers that might push wages up is inhibited.
    3. They cannot workin other fields which might also push wages up.

    Generally speaking, H1B visas are NOT in keeping with free maket economics. They manipulate and distort the market for the benefit of employer. I cannot believe they are legal.

    • Virgil Bierschwale

      But, they are doing all three of those.
      Go to google news and create you a daily email report with “H-1B” as the topic.
      It will amaze you.

      Here is sample

      As-it-happens update ⋅ October 10, 2014
      Can i apply 2 new H1B in parallel if 2 different company is ready to sponsor new H1B for year 2015.
      I’m currently in L1B visa status, as i have wide opportunity with special skill set … Yes, you may have 2 employers petition in your behalf. USCIS may/ …

      Flag as irrelevant

      Edit this alert

  6. One of the reasons the top 3 cities were mentioned “top” preferences is because… they offer decent jobs for foreigneres and those immigrant/guest workers feel “less foreigners”.
    In a small town with a decling economy that foreigner won’t be quite welcome, there are postings that prove it.