These Old Keyboards Make New Music: Video

Lots of folks have a thing for old keyboards. Something about striking the key on an IBM Model M keyboard (29 years old and still going strong, thanks to a community of aficionados) or a Lettera 32 Olivetti manual typewriter (no Internet connection, but so what?) gives them a major thrill. Maybe it’s the way those older keys spring back after your finger presses down on them; or maybe it’s the satisfying click-click-click of the keyboard going at full speed, a music that’s largely missing from offices in our age of touch-screens and laptops designed for quiet.

Over at The Verge, a few fans of antique hardware decided to bring a little bit of that music back. Check out this video in which a collection of older keyboards (and some PDAs) are used to create a catchy beat.

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Video: The Verge