Dice Legends “Share Your Story” Contest

Submit your story and you can win BIG.

As we move into the next-generation of Dice [and technology] and move our business forward, we want to look back on our great heritage by celebrating it with the people that matter most.

How has Dice inspired you in your career or starting your business?
Whether it’s about landing a dream job, hiring a hard-to-reach tech candidate for your organization, or completely transforming your recruiting strategy, we are looking for creative and passionate stories from the people that want their amazing stories heard.

Tell the folks what they can win!

  • Dice Legends Grand-Prize: An all-expense paid weekend trip to Santa Clara, CA, which includes a private lunch with our very own President of Dice.com, Shravan Goli.
  • Second-Place Prize: Microsoft Surface tablet.
  • Runners-Up Prize: Donation given in their name from Dice to DonorsChoose.org

How to enter (the short version):

  1. Write or video your tale telling us how Dice made a difference in your life.
  2. Post it down below and you’re in.
  3. Submissions must be in by 10/21/14, 11:59pm.


How to enter (the longer, more detailed version).


6 Responses to “Dice Legends “Share Your Story” Contest”

  1. Jeremy Sullivan

    I just wanted to express my appreciation for this site. Every single tech job I’ve had has been due to someone finding my information on dice.com. You have made my career possible and my family and I thank you. I recommend dice.com to everyone I know that is looking for a job in the IT industry.

  2. Marti Skogsbergh

    I have been working with Dice for 2 years. I have been incredibly impressed with the services they offer and with the changes they have made to their system (Open Web) and the visual changes to the profiles.

    Dice provides useful detail in the candidate profiles including how long a candidate has utilized a particular skill and when it was last used. This combined with the summary of skills is a vital tool in narrowing down our candidate search.

    The webinars presented are key to assisting with the ever changing work of recruiting. Integrating twitter, Facebook, etc. cut my recruiting time down significantly.
    I have also been extremely pleased with my Account Representative, Spencer Ross. He is friendly, helpful and a pleasure to consult with.

    We have staffed over half of our employees through Dice and look forward to continuing to use Dice.

  3. Carla Chattha

    When I first met with Rick the Director of recruiting, he mentioned that they do not have enough time in the day to recruit for the high end IT positions, I informed him of our SC service and he was extremely excited about the service and purchased 2 on the spot. Since Dice has been working on the positions they have been very pleased with the candidates and are setting up interviews and meeting with candidates, that they were not able to find on their own. The partnership has grown even stronger as the month’s progressed. Gilead has also purchased BrandMax and additional slots for their job postings. At the end of the day Gilead is very happy to partner with Dice as it makes there life easier on a day to day basis!

  4. Anthony Licate

    Anthony Licate, the owner of Spidernet Technical Consulting, LLC, was so impressed with the first time he used Dice’s Sourcing Concierge service – he supplied a customer testimonial that is now part of the Sourcing Concierge Playbook and said –
    “Dice’s Sourcing Concierge worked so well the first time, I told them to do it again.”

    Anthony got a ton of time back by not having to screen and sift through
    hundreds of resumes.

    He saved 60% in recruiting fees using Dice versus other resources.

    He hired ‘a high quality candidate’ who had posted his resume exclusively on Dice.
    Anthony hired a great candidate who’s committed to the job and loves what he does – all within 45 days.

  5. David Phelps

    I wanted to pass along my perfect satisfaction with Kelly Steward. I had all sorts of problems with my Dice profile/Linkedin linkage that was causing System Errors in Dice. I am currently unemployed and benefits fixing to run out in two weeks. Dice is critical to my job search. I tried to apply to job Monday with my Dice account and all blew up. I contacted Support and Kelly responded. She patiently worked through my issues, recreated the problem on her end, and in the end, I sent her my resume and Linkedin link and she set up my profile for me – perfectly.

    I am so sold on Dice now because of Kelly. Please reward her – financially if you can. Also, please record this email in her personnel file.

    I wish I could impress how much I depend on Dice and thus how important Kelly’s contribution has been. My entire family has been affected by my unemployment. Therefore, having Dice available affects all of us.

  6. I have nothing but great things to say about Dice. Because of Dice’s site/web presence, I was able to put my two daughters through college; one through Medical School and the other is going for her PHD now.

    Every contracting position I have worked on since I started contracting in 1995, has been through Dice.com. People don’t know the impact that their actions have on others because we don’t hear it very often.