Apple’s iPhone 6: Last-Minute Rumor Roundup

Apple iPhone

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few weeks, chances are pretty good you’ve heard that Apple is hosting a little shindig tomorrow, where it’ll almost certainly unveil the new iPhone.

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What’s less clear—at least to anyone who doesn’t work at One Infinite Loop—is what the next iPhone will offer in terms of features. Let’s break down the latest rumors:

Size: Of all the current rumors, this one seems all-but-confirmed: Apple is super-sizing the iPhone, the better to compete with “phablets” such as Samsung’s Galaxy line. In addition, the iPhone 6 will come in not one but two sizes: 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches. A new crop of online videos seems to confirm the 4.7-inch edition.

Lighter and Slimmer: Apple is obsessed with making successive generations of the iPhone lighter and slimmer; the iPhone 6 will likely follow suit, despite its larger screen-size.

NFC: The other big rumor is that the iPhone 6 will boast Near Field Communication (NFC), enabling it for use with mobile payments. While NFC has been around for a few years (and available in a handful of Google Android smartphones), it’s never emerged as a mainstream platform, something that the iPhone’s popularity could help change.

One-Handed Mode: In order to make things easier to type on a larger iPhone screen, Apple is reportedly introducing a “one-handed mode” that modifies the keyboard and other inputs, so that the user can easily type one-handed.

iWatch Compatibility: Apple may use its Sept. 9 event to show off the “iWatch,” its long-in-development “smart watch.” Details on the timepiece, which will likely hit store-shelves in 2015, remain sketchy; nonetheless, it would be odd if Apple didn’t figure out a way to tether the wearable’s functionality to its latest iPhone in some way (likely through the new Health app).

Whatever the speculation, Apple will whip back the proverbial curtain on Sept. 9, allowing everybody to see for themselves what the company’s worked on for the past year.

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