Boston Employers Scramble for Web Developers

Boston Financial District

An increasing demand for Ruby on Rails skills is making it more difficult for Boston-area technology employers to hire Web developers and engineers. Exacerbating the situation is a concerted effort by many companies to keep current employees onboard.

“I think what’s happened is there are a lot of people who are turning to (Ruby on Rails) as new developers trying to learn it, but as far as the folks who are more seasoned, they’re not even getting to the point where they’re looking for jobs,” Ari Weil, vice president of products for Boston startup Yottaa, told the Boston Business Journal.

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Employers are also loosening up on some of their expectations. Some are recruiting workers who may lack a technical background but can be trained, while others are cutting back on how much experience they might require from a candidate.

And, of course, money counts: Larger, more established businesses are using their resources to make the most attractive offers. “Many of these companies are also doing quite well financially and are therefore able to outbid many of the smaller companies both on salary and perks,” said Gary Warzynski, senior vice president of Boston software company Exari, in a statement.

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Companies are also moving more quickly once they identify a potential hire. One recruiter said they’re often moving to make offers within 48 hours after an initial interview.

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