Never Let an Opportunity Pass By to Showcase Your Expertise


Tip of the Day

Most general interview questions have a straightforward answer. Don’t satisfy yourself with it. When meeting with the hiring manager, always look for ways to share details that can illustrate your expertise and experience.

For example, let’s think of project managers. During interviews, they’re sure to be asked which PM methodologies they’re most familiar with. A simple answer—”I’ve used Waterfall and Agile”—would miss the opportunity to showcase your thinking and experience.

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Veteran project managers tailor their methodologies, frameworks and processes toward a particular project’s requirements, the needs of the team, company culture and so forth. In fact, PMs often mix and match components of several methodologies to ensure optimal results. So a better answer would be along the lines of:

I’m familiar with several methodologies including Waterfall, Agile and Scrum. Most importantly, I’ve learned that each methodology has its pluses and minuses. That’s why I consider key aspects of the project, including the desired outcomes and the CIO’s preferences before selecting a methodology. Plus, I always evaluate the effectiveness of a methodology after every project. Let me give you a couple of recent examples.

That approach invites discussion and demonstrates that you know when and why particular methodologies are effective or ineffective. It provides you with an opportunity to recount experiences you may have had with different scenarios, allowing you to showcase your expertise. It certainly goes further toward demonstrating your credentials than a simple reply would have, and the depth of those credentials is what you’re trying to convey.

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