‘Who Else Are You Interviewing With?’

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How do you respond if an interviewer asks who else you’re talking to? It seems like a straightforward question, but the wrong answer could carry some risks. If you say “nowhere,” might the interviewer think you’re desperate? If you name high profile companies, will they infer their job is second choice? The key to answering is to provide just enough information to satisfy the interviewer’s curiosity without hurting your chances.

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If you’re talking to other companies, describe them without mentioning their names or where you are in the process. The exception is if you want the interviewer to know you have an offer from another company on the table. For example, say: “I’ve recently interviewed with a bank and a mid-size oil company. However, I’m very interested in this opportunity. When do you need someone to start?”

Naturally, you need to tell the truth in case the manager asks you to name the firms. But this answer should satisfy their curiosity without letting the cat out of the bag.

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3 Responses to “‘Who Else Are You Interviewing With?’”

  1. Now that I do Not know how exactly it works but I know that the Aix linker doesn’t work the way GNU or UNIX System V linkers work… I’m not interested in switching jobs immediately.

  2. Daniel B

    The response I really want to give is, “It’s none of your business who I’m interviewing with. However, I am closer to an offer with one of the firms I’ve interviewed with, but I’m most interested in your company. Time to fill is extremely important with me, so $%#$% or get off the pot. When do I start?!” But alas, I won’t!!