Overstock.com Plans to Hire 330 IT Pros in Utah

Overstock.com Workplace

E-commerce site Overstock.com will hire 333 people into Utah-based IT positions over the next 10 years, the state announced. The jobs had been contracted out of state.

The company said the jobs will be well-paid, with total compensation hitting 200 percent of Salt Lake County’s average wage. The state estimates the move will generate a total of $300.8 million in wages over the course the decade. It’s awarding Overstock an incentive package worth roughly $2.2 million, assuming it completes the hiring initiative as promised.

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In a statement, company CEO Patrick Byrne said the state’s “educated and tech-savvy” workforce has been a key factor in the company’s growth. “We look forward to hiring many more qualified IT professionals in Utah as we continue to grow and invest in this state,” he said.

Last year, Overstock’s headcount reached 1,550 as it hired 300 people, including some 120 developers and testers. In March, Brandon Thurman, manager of recruiting and retention, told Dice the company would make room for anyone with excellent Java skills, a penchant for Agile development and an entrepreneurial spirit. However, if you’re interested, be prepared: The company’s coding test is notoriously difficult.

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Image: Overstock.com

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