One Way to Prepare for Behavioral Interview Questions

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Most of what happens in an interview is unpredictable, but you can be sure you’ll be asked some behavioral questions. These are the queries like, “What would you do if a team member kept avoiding you when you had issues to discuss?” or, “Tell me about a time when you disagreed with your manager.”

How do you prepare for that kind of question? One way is to create what I call a “preparation grid.” In it, each row is a “chunk” of your resume (a project, role, club, etc.) and the columns are the major behavior questions: conflicts, challenges, mistakes, what you learned, what you enjoyed, what you hated, etc. Fill in each cell with a story—or two or three—and you’ll be well-prepared when your interviewer asks you a very specific question.

But don’t just fill in the grid and forget about it. Be sure to look at it before each interview. Or better yet, rehearse your answers by having someone join you in a mock interview.

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One Response to “One Way to Prepare for Behavioral Interview Questions”

  1. Unca Alby

    Sounds like good advice to prepare yourself for the portion of the interview that has nothing whatsoever to do with whether or not you can do the job, an area that is apparently becoming increasingly important in an age where more and more people remain unemployed, and more and more employers whine about not being able to find talent.

    Maybe, just maybe, if employers would stop deliberately asking questions designed to get the candidate to self-immolate, we could start solving some of these unemployment issues and get some work done.

    However, given that this is today’s reality, this is exactly the kind of practice job seekers need to work on.