Know When It’s Time to Refine Your Job Search

Examine Resume Details

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New job seekers usually score several interviews fairly quickly, or at least hear from several recruiters soon after they post their resume. But if you’ve been searching for several months and interest seems to be waning, it’s time to ratchet things up.

First thing, ask an objective expert like a local recruiter or former boss for an honest evaluation of your resume and marketability. Assess everything from the number of hits your resume has received to the strength of your technical skill set and interviewing prowess. That will help you identify malfunctions, gaps and communication issues that could be thwarting your search.

The solution could be as simple as injecting additional keywords into your resume and online profile so recruiters can find you, or creating a functional resume to better present your work history.

Whatever solutions you ultimately arrive at, it’s a good practice to step back and re-evaluate your search on a regular basis.

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