Should You Take That Counteroffer?


Dice President Shravan Goli’s latest column in Baseline magazine focuses on one of the thornier scenarios confronting tech pros: the counteroffer. “In my 20 years in technology,” he writes, “I’ve seen colleagues handle counteroffer situations well, and I’ve seen them botch them so badly that they destroyed valuable relationships and harmed their career in the process.” The key to navigating through those rocky shoals, he adds, is a judicious analysis of the situation, along with a hefty dose of tact.

Accepting a counteroffer comes with its own risks and rewards. While more money is (nearly) always a good thing, spurning a prospective employer could have long-term repercussions if not handled right. You can read more about weighing such a decision—and not burning any bridges in the process—over at Baseline.

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