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Grammatical errors and typos are always high on the list of fatal resume flaws. But there’s actually a worse one, the most fatal of the fatal: Rambling and incoherent writing.

In fact, while reviewers are often willing to overlook an occasional spelling error, outdated technology references or even a brief, unexplained employment gap, a resume that fails to succinctly convey who you are and what you do is going to be deleted, no matter how qualified you are. And it’s not because reviewers are placing more importance on the document than your technical qualifications. It’s because they couldn’t find your qualifications in the first place.

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You can further muddy the waters by failing to describe the scope of the projects in your work history, as well as your roles and responsibilities. Reviewers use these to evaluate the relevance of your experience and competencies. The worst-case scenario is when your experience bullets reference unrelated tools and exclude the skills and software programs you’ve included in your technical skills summary.

You’re shooting yourself in the foot if your resume doesn’t read well or deliver a coherent message. Ask a family member or colleague to read your resume before you send it, because if it doesn’t make sense, the reviewer will have no choice but to cast it aside and consider other candidates.

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  1. Hi . Excuse Me . Where’s the answer ???. How to solve the problem : Error 86. Couldn’t save. Whenever I click on YES to allow employers to search my profile I’m getting this,can you help me out in this?