What UPS Looks for in New Tech Hires

UPS Aircraft

United Parcel Service is investing heavily in technology as e-commerce boosts demand for package-delivery services, a $32 billion market that the company has long dominated.

Last fall, UPS implemented the ORION platform (for “On Road Integrated Optimization and Navigation”) to help trucks find their most efficient routes. Its Auto Arrive and Depart system, which automates the check-in and check-out process for its tractor-trailer fleet, was ranked No. 22 on InformationWeek’s Elite 100 list of innovative business technologies. Around 100,000 drivers daily use its DIAD V hand-held “Delivery Information Acquisition Device,” and it’s rolled out myriad mobile applications to enhance delivery efficiency and help consumers track their packages.

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The company has an ongoing need for talented IT professionals, according to Ken Glaus,Human Resources Manager for UPS Information Services Group. “The company is hiring to fill a variety of positions from entry-level applications developers to senior-level architects,” he says. “The people in these positions will impact the next generation of customer-facing technologies, and technologies to support the movement of goods and information within the UPS environment. These technologies touch security, strategy and mobile, and we have a need to define new technologies to support business growth and emerging markets with the goal of better serving our customers.”

What UPS Looks For

UPS seeks candidates that want a career, not just a job. To illustrate their passion for the field, they should have a history of continuous professional development. “We need people who can bring new ideas to UPS, identify where the company is lacking, and help develop solutions to take us where we need to go,” Glaus explains.

The company is looking for people who recognize when change is necessary and who can use their ideas and experiences to continue its future success. It looks for candidates with a diverse skill base who can grow and transfer into new opportunities throughout the organization.

“We look for candidates that have the desire and capacity to do more,” Glaus says. “Although technical acumen is important, the ability to collaborate, set strategy, help others, provide service or ‘roll-up your sleeves’ when necessary are important attributes of success at UPS.”

Reading a Job Posting

UPS job postings are as written to be as specific as possible. Their titles align with industry standards, and they include the years of experience expected. Be true to your skill level and apply for the positions that most closely align with your experience and aspirations.

Advice for Seasoned Professionals

“Tell us what you have done, not just how the projects on which you worked benefited your company,” says Glaus. “We want to know what you did specifically to facilitate the success.”

In addition, look at the requirements of the job posting and explain how you can be successful in the position you’re applying for, or how you’ve succeeded in similar situations in the past.

“Understand the level of the position to which you’re applying,” Glaus advises. And be sure to let the company know what you’ve done to keep your skills current.

Advice for New Graduates

Look at the advertised requirements for the position you’re interested in. If you have the skills described, be sure to list them on your resume. Explain how you’ll be successful in the position.

Image: UPS