How to Turn Around a ‘Bad’ Recruiter Call

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We’ve all heard stories about the recruiter who calls with an opportunity that doesn’t line up with your skill set at all. The more you talk to them, the more you’re convinced they’ve barely glanced at your resume. How do you handle the situation? Be professional and turn it to your advantage.

Remember that most recruiters–whether they’re prepared right now or not–can be good contacts for you down the road. Keep the conversation business-like and try to get them to engage with your resume, even if it’s while you’re on the phone. Also, ask questions. Even if they’re just fishing with a wide net, the assignment they’re working on may be a good fit for you. If that’s the case, the time you spend educating them will be well worth the effort.

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One Response to “How to Turn Around a ‘Bad’ Recruiter Call”

  1. Cicuta

    Companies are really dumb, the more I read articles about jobs and recruiters the more I am convinced that companies in general do not even know how to hire good HR personnel. A good recruiter is one with experience in the field they are recruiting for, or at the very least know the ins and outs of the field they recruiting for such was the case with old “Head Hunters” before the Internet era. Amen!