Company Research Matters Every Step of the Way


Tip of the Day

Employers are looking for someone to solve a specific problem for them, and they hire the person who does the best job of selling themselves as The One. To do that, customize your approach to each job you apply for. This shows recruiters and hiring managers that you aren’t generic.

The first step is to do your homework. You want to demonstrate that you’re a match on all levels for the position, not just in your technical skills. When employers select who to interview, they generally look for people who match in:

  • Hard skills and experience
  • Personality and soft skills
  • Culture and environment
  • Ability to solve their problems

In addition to reading the job description, review the company’s website including news releases, mission and vision statements, earnings releases and the chief executive’s message in the annual report. You want to know about the tone set by corporate executives, the corporate values and current business priorities.

Follow this approach, and you might prove yourself to be the very candidate they had in mind when posting the job.

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