Too Tired to Walk the Dog? Use a Drone.

Need to walk your dog? Feeling reluctant to go outside yourself?

Use a drone to walk your pooch.

Videographer Jeff Myers recently documented how he uses his AR drone to remotely walk his golden retriever around his neighborhood. For its part, the dog seems relatively unconcerned by the fact that its leash is clipped to an unmanned aerial vehicle. But Mashable, which posted the video, also makes a vital point about the experiment: Without a mechanical limb of some sort, how can a drone scoop a dog’s poop? Humans, it seems, still have some use in this brave new world.

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7 Responses to “Too Tired to Walk the Dog? Use a Drone.”

  1. David

    Here in the UK, it’s against the law to leave everybody scoops it (usually in a bag and most definitely with plastic gloves on- I mean uurgh imagine not wearing gloves!) .

    Now if the drone could do that, dump it in a bin (or on the neighbors garden), fly through a car wash before returning then wow.

    Wait – I forgot. What happened to fido in the car wash.. what he drowned? Oh really bad idea then……

  2. what if it sees a squirrel? How fast can these drones go? Into bushes? tunnels? Darn, another dog strangled…

    Think I’ll just stick with making the kids do it.

  3. Who is the REAL “drone?” Might it be the dog’s owner? The one who has lost his/her humanity and who is too lazy to even take the dog for a walk. Why should this (dog owner) “drone” even have a dog in the first place? Isn’t there supposed to be a connection between human and dog? Isn’t the “act” of “walking” a normal human activity that keeps human beings mentally and physically healthy? Think about it!

  4. freetruth

    Love drones. But a drone flying so low is extremely dangerous and illegal. In any case, if the dog decides to go after a cat or squirrel, sorry for who is near the drone… Some ideas need to be thought more carefully or else they are just plain stupid.

  5. Agree with the majority of the other comments. There is something wrong with these drone fanboys who think everything should involve drones. I wish they would go back to staying inside playing digital games all the time and not bother the rest of us. They are so out of touch with reality. Walking a dog with a drone is like thinking a flower made with a 3D printer is the same as the real thing. Nature is not a toy. I feel sorry for this dog to have an owner with a lack of empathy and feelings. Another use of technology for the stupid, mean, and bad.