Need for Tech Pros With Analytics Skills Keeps Growing

Chart of Dice Job Postings for Data and Cloud Skills

More companies are collecting more internal and external data than ever before, increasing the need for tech pros capable of wielding powerful analytics tools.

The number of jobs posted on Dice for NoSQL experts has risen 54 percent year-over-year, ahead of postings for professionals skilled in Big Data (up 46 percent), Apache Hadoop (43 percent), and Python (16 percent). Employers are also seeking those with expertise in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms, to the tune of 20 percent more job postings over the past twelve months; in a similar vein, postings for tech professionals with cloud experience have leapt 27 percent in the same period.

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While many businesses have traditionally crunched data on-premises, a growing number of platforms enable that analysis to take place via the cloud. That could increase demand for employees comfortable with a broad range of tools and platforms—for example, tech pros skilled in Hadoop with working knowledge of cloud-storage offerings might find themselves coveted by employers under pressure to excavate insight from voluminous amounts of data while taking more processes online.

A recent report from research firm IDC recommends that firms make analytics into an inter-departmental effort, one that brings together IT and Line of Business (LoB) employees to provide input on how best to handle the information at hand. The firm’s accompanying survey also found, however, that less than a quarter of IT, LoB, and analytics workers rated their collaboration with other groups as “extensive.” In order to better direct the resources at their disposal, many companies have taken to hiring Chief Data Officers (CDOs), who often end up doing everything from personnel management to actual analytics work.

Those CDOs’ workload probably won’t ease anytime soon: If analysts’ predictions are correct, analytics solutions will only grow more popular over the next few years. Trends in “Big Data” for 2014 include the boosted adoption of Apache Hadoop and other open-source technologies capable of handling truly massive datasets. Those interested in a Hadoop or analytics job can take a look at some sample interview questions, as well as tips on translating tech expertise into a paying job.

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Chart: Dice

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