Facebook Has Lots of New F8 Toys for Developers

Facebook F8 Conference

At this year’s F8 conference, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that his company’s internal motto had shifted from “Move fast and break things” to “Move fast with stable infrastructure.”

That new motto, while nowhere near as catchy as the old one, is meant to encapsulate Facebook as the social network matures into a tech behemoth with more than a billion users worldwide. The focus is no longer on speedy user growth; instead, it’s about encouraging third-party developers to build software for Facebook across multiple platforms, but especially mobile. And developers really like stable infrastructure. (Facebook now receives roughly 470 million API calls per day.)

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“Most of those developers now are using Facebook platforms to build apps,” Zuckerberg told Wired in an interview released at the opening of the conference. “So, while originally a Facebook developer was someone who wrote an app to run actually on Facebook, now you’re building infrastructure for developers to do cross-platform mobile apps.” Under new service-level terms, Facebook pledges to fix bugs within 48 hours of reporting.

New Facebook features unveiled at F8 include the ability to login anonymously to third-party apps, the better to try them without actually sharing data; users also have the option of more tightly regulating their permissions. “When we were a smaller company, Facebook login was widely adopted, and the growth rate for it has been quite quick,” Zuckerberg added. “But in order to get to the next level and become more ubiquitous, it needs to be trusted even more.”

For developers, Facebook now offers a “Like” button for iOS, a message dialog for Android and iOS, enhancements to mobile app ads, increasingly granular App Insights, and an Audience Network that allows for in-depth audience targeting. Links to these and other features are available on the Developers.Facebook blog.

Facebook promises that all these new toys will break as infrequently as possible.

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Image: Facebook