The Most Popular Tech Pros


With an unemployment rate of less than three percent, just about everyone in technology today is popular with hiring managers and recruiters. That said, professionals in Big Data, mobile, cloud computing and security take being favored to entirely new levels – Will and Kate levels.

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We know because hiring managers are requesting these skilled professionals at record levels as measured by job postings on Dice. Let’s break down the all-time highs:

    • An increasing number of companies across all industries are intent on crunching numbers to analyze customer and consumer behavior. That equates to soaring demand and salaries for tech pros with Big Data experience. Leading the way in terms of an all-time high: Job postings for NoSQL experts (up 54 percent year/year); postings for Big Data talent (up 46 percent); Hadoop (up 43 percent); and Python professionals (up 16 percent).
    • Mobile devices, apps and content continue to proliferate – as do job postings for user interface and user experience experts (up 18 percent year/year). Companies are intent on finding ways to not only reach their customers, but create a fresh, aesthetically-pleasing user experience regardless of device.

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One Response to “The Most Popular Tech Pros”

  1. Maurice Hardy

    As a Big Data Professional, I look forward to all the adventures it brings.
    Especially, knowing that the job market will increase in this arena exponentially.

    Thanks for your posting.
    Appreciate it.