Top social sites to recruit tech talent [INFOGRAPHIC]

More than three out of four companies are using social sites to recruit candidates. If you’re not using social media to source talent, you’re missing out.

Dice researched some of the top sites where technology professionals live and breathe. With millions of techies communicating on Twitter, sharing code on GitHub, and uploading portfolios to Dribbble, it’s easy to see why recruiters need to go where candidates go.

And these sites are among the 50 included in Dice’s Open Web social club. Our next-generational social recruiting tool makes it easy to connect with tech talent on sites where they hang out. This total-view approach to recruiting allows you to personalize your approach and ultimately, get better response rates.

The Dice Open Web Social Club

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[…] Studer brings together some interesting statistics on where to find the top tech talent. Are you searching in all the right places? Follow along as we build tools to make this process much […]


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