Who Me? Network? Here’s How To Without Fear

Networking is particularly tough for introverts, people who dread the idea of circulating at an event for the purpose of talking to strangers. But it can be done, and by using a few tricks you can have productive conversations with a minimum of strain.

On this week’s Hangout, Lynne Goldman and Susan Morris of Pennsylvania-based Merit Career Development take a look at how the introverted among us can create a strategy for talking to people in ways that can build the relationships you need to further your career goals. They range from the simple — arriving early so you don’t have to wade into people who’ve already broken themselves into groups — to the less obvious, like using people who like to network to ease your way.

Watch the hangout, and see if you have questions of your own. If you do, post them in the comments below, and we’ll get Lynne and Susan to answer them.


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One Response to “Who Me? Network? Here’s How To Without Fear”

  1. I have a question for the extrovert what is your mindset when around a lot of people because the reason I am a introvert because of the feeling of not being excepted for how I look and no one has any reason to look up to me because I do not have the fit in ability were with extroverts it’s like their automatically popular for something they said or how they look and they seem to have something to offer