Sample Resume: Chief Information Officer

Andy Jones
123 Melrose Place, Hollywood, CA 90000 | 310.555.1212 |

Dynamic Servant Leader and turnaround specialist offering more than a decade of success in financial services and entertainment.

“Andy shifted our paradigm for IT. He transformed the department from a reactive cost center into a strategically aligned profit contributor.” Jed Jenkins, CEO, XYZ Entertainment Credit Union

Information Systems Executive known for implementing state-of-the-art technology-based business applications and customer-friendly mobile apps while reducing costs, boosting employee morale and lowering turnover in under-performing technology organizations.

Areas of Expertise:

IT Strategy & Execution Vendor Sourcing
Strategic Planning Leadership & Talent Management
Infrastructure Deployment Budgeting & Cost Control
Enterprise Architecture Planning Vendor Relations


Hardware: PCs, modems, routers, bridges, switches, Dell and UNIX Servers.
Networks: Novell Netware, Microsoft, VOIP, ISDN, TCP/IP
Operating Systems: Linux, Windows Server, Windows Desktop, Android
Software: SalesLogix, WebFocus, Cisco Director, Crystal Reports
ERP Packages: SAP and JDA
Databases: Oracle, DB2, SQL Server
Languages: C, C++, Visual Basic, HTML, XML, Java, Delphi, Perl, CGI
Traits: Welcomes diverse opinions, cultivates a culture of trust, encouraging coach and expert people developer. Excellent listener, communicator and consensus-builder.

Professional Experience:
XYZ Entertainment Credit Union Los Angeles, Calif.2009 to present
CIO and IS Director
Provide vision and leadership for all technology systems, operations and projects for 10 location credit unions that services individuals and businesses affiliated with the entertainment industry. Managed the implementation of new programs, reorganized entire department, developed and implemented short-and long-term organizational strategies while changing IT’s culture, mission and strategic alignment.
Selected Accomplishments:

Financial Applications

  • Re-engineered the general ledger and developed a new chart of accounts which streamlined and shortened the financial closing process by 35 percent.
  • Transitioned to SAP financials which eliminated inefficient processes from disparate systems and reduced the time spent on budgeting and forecasting by 50 percent.
  • Developed and implemented standards, controls, and procedures for all existing financial systems.
  • Utilized systems development methodology to ensure compliance with internal and external systems audit requirements.


  • Reduced headcount by 15 percent and personnel costs by 25 percent by introducing detailed project plans and weekly work assignments, increasing accountability, empowering front line decision making, cutting red tape and encouraging the submission of ideas and feedback.
  • Reduced voluntary turnover by 45 percent, boosted employee satisfaction levels by 68 percent despite headcount reductions as measured by HR’s annual pulse survey.
  • Launched pay-for-performance incentives and rewards structure that increased productivity by 42 percent.

Network Administration

  • Re-engineered 10 office corporate WAN networks increasing speed and reliability by 15 percent and lowering operational costs by 25 percent.
  • Upgraded corporate gateway to a cloud based network as part of a five-year migration plan.
  • Managed design, development and implementation of new corporate Web and Intranet sites.

Mobile Strategies

  • Directed the development of three mobile banking applications which reduced teller lines and ATM visits by 22 percent and increased customer retention and deposits by 10 percent.
  • Oversaw the development of two mobile apps that allowed the sales team to access rates and product info from their mobile devices and secure key commercial accounts.

New Era Studios Hollywood, Calif.2007 to 2009
IT Director
Analyzed existing and organizational needs to determine the ideal structure for the IT department and oversaw the organization’s rebirth for this major entertainment company.
Selected Accomplishments:

Strategic Planning

  • Planned, designed and installed a system to satisfy management, end user and public reporting requirements while reducing day-to-day operating costs by 32 percent.
  • Coordinated detailed requirement gathering sessions, conferred with business owners and product management to establish priorities, overcome concerns and determine roadmap.

Vendor Selection and Management

  • Led initiative to evaluate and implement outsourced/cloud computing for all locations including the creation and management of the RFP process.
  • Responsible for capacity planning and implementing SLA’s to ensure outsourced systems support business and company goals.

Infrastructure Deployment

  • Designed phased infrastructure migration strategy to move legacy applications from a client-server platform to a modern enterprise application and services platform (Apache, WebLogic 8.1 Server / Portal, Linux, Oracle 9.1, Solaris) with best of breed components. The result was increased end-user satisfaction and enhanced productivity.

Education and Professional Affiliations:
Executive MBA, Pepperdine University Graziadio School
B.S. Computer Science Cal State Northridge
Past President, Los Angeles Chapter of the Association of Information Technology Professionals
Speaker, 2012 IT Summit Los Angeles: “Repositioning IT for the Future”

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2 Responses to “Sample Resume: Chief Information Officer”

  1. This is an incredible and unrealistic path. Maybe this CIO can spell some of these technical words. My experience in IT tell me that Network guys and girl are not so good with programming and the other way around Software guys do not have a detailed knowledge of hardware and network. The mind set of developers and administrators are different you are a hardware or a software person.
    Unfortunately when some of these high technical performers get promoted they lost their technical knowledge in 2-3 years and become politicians.
    The problem with managers and recruiters is that they want orthopedics doing the job of the cardiologist and cardiologist do the job of the hospital administrator no wonder only 6 % of IT projects are successful.

  2. Frank – I am not sure what I think of the resume except it looks a lot like mine. I am concerned that you have started by stating what your experience and then moved into definite stereotyping the IT professionals into closed box abilities.

    Why would I think this, because I am an internationally published network and infrastructure person, who can write code well enough to have been a senior developer at Microsoft while at the same time teaching project management certifications. Add to this I am focused on customer service brought about by having a CS degree in IT Usability. As a leader and director I believe I think out of the box plus I also try to give others the chance to prove they may also be multifaceted.

    Now I do have to say the current concept of a hands-on CIO is something which either recruiters have dreamed up or based on executives who want a multifaceted IT professional. The sad thing is they want this in a 30 year old who really has not had enough professional experience to master all these skills. Thus they get an over-paid developer or an over-paid system administrator who has probably never managed people let alone a budget,

    The end result is in 12 months when they figure out their mistake they pass this perfect culture fit on to another company giving them a great reference. Then they go out and seek the exact same hands-on CIO culture fit with 30 years of experience in a 30 year old body.

    Now before you say I just did the same stereotyping in this response – let me say that there are IT genius types out there, such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, who have all these traits and can run a company as a C-Level exec from a professionally early age. Yet they are very rare but it still does not seem to stop companies in the IT field looking for them day after day.