Detroit’s Turnaround Plan Calls for Tech-Skilled Immigrants

With Detroit mired in bankruptcy, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder is floating a turnaround plan based on an influx of skilled immigrants to fill a talent gap in the city’s workforce. He’s proposed asking the federal government to grant 50,000 visas over five years to international workers with advanced degrees as long as they move to Detroit.

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan is on-board. “In order for Detroit to grow again, we need highly trained workers to move in, open businesses and raise their families,” he said in a statement.

DetroitSee our special report on H-1Bs

Tim Bryan, CEO of enterprise software vendor GalaxE Solutions, also cheered the proposal, telling MLive, “We have a lot of individuals in our international offices that would be very interested in coming and living and working in Detroit. That means making their homes here, paying taxes here and supporting the local economy and continuing the growth of Detroit as an IT hub.”

Snyder’s office did not reply to our request to discuss the proposal.

Visas for Advanced Degrees

Snyder’s plan calls for 5,000 visas in the first year, 10,000 in the second, third and fourth years and 15,000 in the fifth. The visas would be in the EB-2 category reserved for those with “advanced degrees or their equivalent” or those who because of their “exceptional ability in the sciences, arts, or business” would substantially benefit the country, who are sought by an employer in the U.S. A bachelor’s degree is considered the minimum level of education and the applicant’s occupation must be demonstrated to be a “profession.”

A study on H-1B requests by the Brookings Institution found that 65.9 percent of visas sought in Detroit were for positions in STEM occupations, with computer occupations and engineers most in demand.

“Every metropolitan area has a different labor market and different labor needs, so I think Gov. Snyder’s proposal is taking that into account … as far as the number of foreign workers they need to attract,” said Neil Ruiz, the Brookings senior policy analyst who conducted the city-by-city study.

That being said, he added, “Immigration is still a federal issue in terms of policy-making, so I think achieving this would be quite challenging. There’s a very long queue already. Right now when you’re applying for a green card – most people are on an H-1B – and if you’re Indian or Chinese, the line is very long. If there is no congressional action to create more visas to allocate to Detroit and it’s just a reallocation of the current visas, it would make it longer for those who have been waiting.”

Of 140,000 employment-based green cards issued each year, 40,000 are set aside for EB-2 visas. Detroit isn’t asking for an increase in the total number of visas granted nationally, just to be preferred in a reallocation. And it’s asking for a “national interest waiver” from the requirement that an employer certify that it couldn’t find a qualified U.S. worker for the job.

When asked why American workers couldn’t be lured to Detroit to fill its workforce needs, GalaxE Solutions’ Bryan pointed to a “disconnect between what the business needs are and what the colleges and universities have been teaching.”

Immigration Reform

The House of Representatives is taking up immigration reform again this weekend after failing to act on a Senate bill passed last year. House Speaker John Boehner has said all along that the House won’t go along with the Senate’s comprehensive plan, but will craft its own approach piece by piece. On Thursday, House Republican leaders unveiled their principles to kickstart discussions.

The sticking points don’t seem to be efforts to increase the number of visas available. In late 2012, the House passed passed a bill to create a permanent visa program for immigrants with advanced science and technical degrees, but it died in the Senate.

80 Responses to “Detroit’s Turnaround Plan Calls for Tech-Skilled Immigrants”

    • USACollegeEducatedTechWorker

      Something useful? Like a town full of indentured servants? I suspect you to be one of the people who will make money from this. Either that, or you are a completely out of touch with reality and the plight of the US citizens.

      • The_Immigrant

        It’s all a step in the expansion of the permanent underclass. These posistions cannot be filled by (legal) residents? we can’t create the expertize to fill this gap? Does not sound like the America I know….

      • You couldn’t be more correct. There are thousands of Americans that would go to hell in order to support their families although Detroit is close to hell. A city with most crime and crooked government officials, contemplating bankruptcy, and of course being sue by the creditors. The key words in the article are the following: “an employer certifies that it couldn’t find a qualified U.S. worker for the job”; hence, lawyers should get ready to sue lots of crooked companies whom can certify their claims about not being able to find qualified candidates. For a recruiting company to say that is the same as saying the USA is no longer a country with good trained people and that colleges and universities really suck; although it is true that college education lags behind industry.
        Bottom line is that they will get their visas as the government we have is full of stupid people. Also, later on those foreigners will move on to better and more prosperous cities and Detroit will go back to the same – mark my words!

      • Antarr Byrd

        IT is a field with less than 3% unemployment in most places in this country. How do you plan to attract people who don’t have much of a problem finding a job if they are worth the paper the degree is written on. Its a cold city that is full of abandoned building where the jobs pay the same or less than much more vibrant cities with better weather and comparable cost of living. And no I don’t stand to make a penny from this.

    • Twisted Mojo

      How “American” of you! Yeah, never mind that they have an 18% unemployment rate there and lots of former autoworkers who’d really like to be in the middle class again. I mean why not bring a bunch foreign workers to really rub in their faces? How about offering the company a tax break to train the unemployed?

  1. >>When asked why American workers couldn’t be lured to Detroit to fill its workforce needs, GalaxE Solutions’ Bryan pointed to a “disconnect between what the business needs are and what the colleges and universities have been teaching.”

    Excuse me, we want to bring in 50K of “advanced degrees” to further drive down wages for the what is left of the middle class. It is so like the sycophants of the 1% to use a serious situation to continue their ideological wars. Don’t invest in the city, bring a new group of people who can be exploited. Let all our unemployed become homeless and become a beggar class.

    When will we wake up and stop this nonsense.

    • TexasDave

      Spot on Stevek. I, and thousands of other US citizens with prolific histories in IT can’t find a job here in the US. Why? Well, to hear these proponents of outsourcing, they can’t find local talent. BS… We are all looking but being shut out by the exploited people of India and the Phillipines that offshore companies bring here.

  2. Fred Bosick

    I’m a Michigan resident and this is a big mistake! Then again, Snyder is taxing state *pensions* to give tax breaks to business. He has long standing disdain for regular working people; he was on the corporate board of Gateway when it fired its Iowa and South Dakota employees and moved the whole thing to China.

    He is equally as bad as Governor Walker of Wisconsin. He’s just a bit smarter about handling the politics and publicity.

  3. Sure! Let’s go ahead and let them hire immigrants to fill these jobs instead of hiring Americans to do them. Don’t even bother to look for Americans to fill them. But, assess the immigrants a tax rate of 80% and charge the companies a tariff of 90% to take care of the American families that will do without because they will not even get a chance at those jobs. Americans left Detroit because there were no “value added” jobs there anymore, but if you bring the jobs, they will come back.

    • Nightcrawler

      —-Americans left Detroit because there were no “value added” jobs there anymore, but if you bring the jobs, they will come back.———

      Agreed. It’s not that Americans “don’t want to live in Detroit.” It’s that they don’t want to live in a place where there are NO JOBS. If the jobs surface, people will move there. Look at North Dakota. So many people have flocked there for oil jobs that dingy studio apartments are renting for $1,500.00/month…if you can find one. People have taken to living in their cars and in little shantytowns due to a shortage of housing.

      Given the choice, I’d much rather live in Detroit than ND. Detroit’s got an edge, and I’m rooting for its comeback. Maybe it’s because I’m from Philadelphia, and I know what it’s like for the rest of the nation to look down on your home city. =)

  4. It smells fishy. How many Americans, who hold advanced degrees, are being unemployed now? Maybe it would be a better idea that Detroit presents better opportunities to American Master and PhD holders, plus full relocation coverage, or travel and living expenses, housing, tax incentives, etc. It would be cheaper, better and more beneficial for everybody and lesser risk. I mean, no trouble with visa issues, background of newcomers and questionable quality specialists.

    • Fred Bosick

      It’s beneficial for everyone, *except* cheap corporations who want indentured servants! Even better, stick them all in a forbidding city where they know no one and they’ll be happy to code your crappy Java programs for 16 hours a day. It’s like having your own personal company town!

    • That quote from GalaxE Solutions gets even sillier when you look at the fact that most of the people they are bringing in have been educated at American universities. This is really a call to out-sourcing firms to relocate to Detroit from some other American city.

  5. This is a flat out corporate lie. If you were coming out of Michigan or Michigan State with a technical degree and 50K of student debt, you mean you would not consider a job in Detroit? If you are an experienced engineer and have been out for work 2 years, you would not consider a job in Detroit? America has remained strong in the past because we valued technical education which in turn contributed to the general economy and defense of the nation. Now the “bean counter” tells us to trash our technical class. The idea there are not technical people here to fill these technical spots is a an outright lie.

    Ok. If you can bring in someone like Einstein or von Braun into America, that is one set of circumstance and one set of fact, but just bring in boat loads of rank-and-file technicians to replace Americans is totally insane. This is corporate profit over the benefit of the nation.

    • The auto and defense companies in the detroit area do not seem to be interested in out-of-state candidates or in candidates that do not have experience specific to their industry.

      It doesn’t matter if an engineer is willing to move to detroit or a suburb to work if the company that is hiring never calls back.

      The vast majority of calls I get regarding work (engineering) in the MI and IL areas are from Indian contract agencies, not from the Michigan-located recruiters or companies. It suggests to me that they’re not really trying to hard to recruit domestic workers.

      Your “bean counter” comment is right-on. And it’s not just detroit. Almost all of the large engineering programs that I have worked are run by the lawyers and “bean counters.” Technical arguments are very often second to legal and financial arguments.

      • Twisted Mojo

        “that do not have experience specific to their industry” You can bet your bottom dollar that their requirements for foreign engineers that’ll work for half (or less) what their American counterparts will, aren’t so stringent.

  6. I agree with all the naysayers. Why on earth would you want to bring immigrants here to fill new positions, when a lot of our own college grads can’t get jobs. The governor and mayor of Michigan are cheating American workers out of good jobs. If they seriously can’t find people to come to Detroit, why not offer some incentives instead of hiring Indians that are already stealing enough American jobs due to outsourcing. Come on…Everybody needs to wake up and smell the coffee. How many more American jobs will be lost due to outsourcing, or now due to bringing them on board. Gimme a break!! And SteveK, I’m with you! All good points!! 🙂

  7. I grew up in Michigan and tried my best to make a meaningful career occur in the state of Michigan and simply could not. There are 2 economies in this country right now; one that is being abandoned (industrial) and one that is outpacing the labor market (technology).

    I moved to San Francisco, where there is only Technology, and got a job doing sales at a tech Startup that pays me more than 2x what I would have made in Detroit.

    In the market of Software Engineers, there is a 98%+ employment rate, and there are more companies hiring for software engineers than US colleges can graduate each year. There is a Massive Shortage of Software engineers.

    If Snyder pulled this off, it would force companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Amazon to open Detroit offices. They average Engineer would make roughly 100k meaning it would insert better than 150 Million in tax base into the city. $150 million that would be spent on restaurants, public transportation, rent, events, cars. It also would start a community of talent wanting to start its own companies, which would draw in VC dollars in the Millions to the city and cultivate a market of the future.

    This isn’t about abandoning manufacturing. WE NEED TO FIX THAT TOO. BUT, Detroit will never live as a manufacturing city alone, and the time has come to promote educated, creative, growing economy so that our companies NEED to start manufacturing goods again. Detroit needs to look to the future for solutions, and not the past if it wants to make it.

  8. I totally agree with GLEE and other’s comments. We should not allow these New immigrants steal American jobs and must not allow these CHEAP CORPORATIONS to play the trick of reducing wages…..shame on us, if we allow this.

  9. I think this is the incorrect approach by the Governor. There’s merit, but put the money into a strong technical educational program for people already here and Detroit then would become the technical hub-spot. The road to snap is paved with good intentions. This is a good intention, just not guided correctly.

    • Nightcrawler

      I agree. With unemployment in Michigan and surrounding states sky-high, I find it exceedingly difficult to believe that *nobody* would be willing to relocate to Detroit if a good, solid job awaited them. I also find it exceedingly difficult to believe that it’s impossible to train unemployed Americans to fill these slots.

      If the state must spend money on this, it should be spent on (1) training programs for unemployed Americans in the region and (2) relocation vouchers, at least for people who live elsewhere in Michigan and in surrounding states like Ohio.

      The people of Detroit should be marching in the streets to protest this.

      • USACollegeEducatedTechWorker

        NightCrawler is exactly right. If the state or any other tax dollars must be spent on getting Detroit the workers it needs, they need to INVEST IN AMERICANS.

        What I have found is that tech companies are unwilling to train people anymore. You have to come into the company with all the skills they need or you won’t get hired….unless you are willing to work for nothing like these immigrants. The immigrants also will be happy with no health care – making it even cheaper for these corporations. How can Americans compete with this? Oh, we can take low paying jobs without healthcare….fantastic plan.

        My sister is stuck in Chicago because she does not have the money to move. Even if she found a job in another city they must pay relocation but they usually don’t – not for Americans. But they will pay to relocate immigrants from over seas. This is insanity.

        How about coming up with a plan to HELP AMERICANS instead of making the super wealthy even wealthier.

        Ya know what, screw this. All we can do at this point is prepare for poverty.

    • Brad Snider

      You all miss a major issue. Companies/industry exist where money/profit exist NOT where talent exisits. Silicon valley was created on the backs of massive government research contracts in the 1950-60s. (Internet startedas goveenment project)The money that was generated created pockets of extreme wealth and talented engineers who spun off on their own ventures (Apple, Microsoft). We don’t need to invest in educating more people That Will Do What Currently do…Move to the west after graduation.

      Putting 15000 skilled people in a city they legally can’t leave will bring money and talent to Detroit and force it to stay. This forces VC investment in Detroit, and forces a market to begin. Then, when the market exists the UM grads will have an option to stay and make a decent wage at home.

      No money=no companies=no investment= no jobs.

      • Nightcrawler

        The thought of the government *forcing* anyone to stay in a particular area, under threat of state thugs bashing down their doors, is chilling. The market should be FREE, not FORCED.

        Of course, that’s why I am against H-1B visas. I think there should be only one kind of visa: the kind that lets you move here and obtain work with the employer of your choice, in the location of your choice. Period. Indentured servitude has no place in a free society or a free market.

      • srad bnider

        Neither Apple nor Microsoft was “spun off” from other ventures, and neither was financed by “extreme wealth” of silicon Valley. You should read history before you start quoting it.

        Meanwhile, get the silver spoon out of your ass, and your nose out of the governors ass.

        Also, putting 15000 people anywhere, and forcing them to stay there is highly inhumane. This is American not some 3rd world country. Why the fuck you would be in favor of giving non-us citizens the jobs shows what a little tiny douche-bag you actually are.

        Go join your governor his circle jerk needs its pivot back.

        • Nightcrawler

          That comment about “forcing” people to stay got my goat as well.

          Rather than *forcing* people to stay, why not provide an *incentive* for them to do so? For example, why not provide full or partial forgiveness of student debt for graduates of Michigan’s public universities if they move to Detroit and stay there for x years?

          The reason why Michigan graduates move away is because there are no jobs in Michigan. Give them a reason to stick around, and they will.

          I also maintain what I said in another post: Americans are moving to North Dakota in droves to take awful, backbreaking jobs as oil field roughnecks. ND is a hellhole, frozen over. If people are willing to move *there* for labor jobs that require working outside when it’s below zero and snowing, they’ll certainly move to Detroit for nice, white-collar gigs performed in climate-controlled offices.

          I’d live in Detroit before I’d ever live in ND.

        • Brad Snider

          Didn’t vote for Snyder. I’m actually a huge DEM and have voted that way my whole life.

          ALSO. You should read your history! Apple was started with an investment by Sequoia Capital of $250,000 AND Mike Markkula. Mike made millions off Fairchild Semiconductor (government computing contracts), AND INTEL, who also made its first billions from,,,,Government Contracts in San Jose. Hence, why Apple is in CA.

          Apple didn’t just use Monopoly money to market, build, design and sell their products, they had Venture Capitalist’s and Investors.

          This isn’t about being inhumane. (unless you think living in Detroit is inhumane?) This is about creating an industry that doesn’t exist in Detroit.

          I would love to have the technology sector in Detroit, I could move home! Unfortunately, the talent moves where the industry is, AND the cost to forgive loans as incentive to STAY for UM and MSU and MTU grads to stay in Michigan would COST MILLIONS that the city/state does not have,

          This is a very simple plan that solves 2 problems.

          1. Detroit has had a decreasing population for the last 30 years. This introduces 15,000 people to the city and millions in the tax base.

          2. It creates an industry that draws talent to Detroit. So that in 2-3 years UM and MSU and students from the Midwest can chose Detroit vs. San Francisco.

          The impact is Tens of Thousands of Jobs IN the city that all would pay 80k+ and bring Millions to Detroit restaurants services, stores, landlords.

          People seem to forget that Detroit is a city that was BUILT BY IMMIGRANTS. The american dream in Detroit was realized by Germans, and Polish, and Slovaks, and Spanish in technical roles at FORD and GM building cars…Hence German Village and Mexican Town.

          There is no perfect solution, but like it or not, this works.

  10. Nobody should be surprised at this behavior by now. What can you do with a state that would vote in someone like Snyder, or Walker? The people in MIchigan (and elsewhere) haven’t suffered enough yet, or they wouldn’t have people like that in office paving the way for such rejuvenation plans. It’s all part of the “last man standing” shell game that’s been going on for 20+ years now. And having grown up in Michigan, I’ve seen it.

    Formula: how to remove power from corporations = stop buying their stuff (that you don’t absolutely need). It is the weak link.

  11. Now that I’ve spent 8 years earning my Bachelors’ and then Masters’ Degrees at accredited Michigan Universities, Rick Snyder wishes to push me out of the way along with all of the other students that ‘followed the rules.’ Anyone care to guess what my vote for his re-election will be?!

  12. USACollegeEducatedTechWorker

    This is the CORPORATE GREED MONGERS attempting to create a TOWN FULL OF SLAVES who work for nothing, drive American wages down, and take jobs away from Americans who desperately need them.

    This plan does ensure that the 1% will continue to get wealthier and wealthier and wealthier at the expense of everyone else’s livelihood..

  13. Bob Johnson

    Wasn’t the original Robo Cop movie based in Detroit? That’s about what it’s going to take to get an American to move to that wasteland of a city. Short of that, Marshall Law and the National Guard would do just fine. Then you wouldn’t have to get visa holders. Of course, the companies in Detroit WANT immigrants because they can control them and they don’t whine like Americans.

  14. Thomas McMurray

    Hello All,

    I worked in Detroit in the late 80’s and quite enjoyed it; found people to be real and sincere. Would love the opportunity to go back. Live in Canada three hours from Detroit; would move there for the right opportunity.


      If you are blaming Obama then you don’t understand the real problem with our country.

      The problem is Capitalism and the economic crisis we are in has taken a long time to create – it didn’t happen over night or over the past 6 years….it took decades to get us to this point.

      The problem is that big business has bought the US Government and they are the ones making the rules now. Politicians bow to these corporations who got them into office in the first place.

      Corporate backed politics got us into this mess – it’s the corporations who want to peek into your life to see if you are the one who will destroy their profits and threaten their wealth and power.

      Republicans and democrats are one in the same. I will no longer vote democrat just to keep the evil republicans out because the democrats are paid off too. They are equally corrupt.

      Take corporate money out of politics!!!

    • whyBother

      Well, i guess Word Press censors too. My previous response is gone. I will make this short. If you are blaming Obama for the state of the US then you do not understand what is happening in our country.

      This disaster did not happen over night or even in the past 6 years. This has been brewing for decades….Corporations have bought the US government. They pay for these politicians campaigns via Lobbying and then the politicians bow down to their corporate sponsors because that is how they got elected in the first place.

      The US is run by corporate money. The corporations are making the laws now – politicians are puppets.

      Democrats and republicans are the same party. Neither party has the American citizens interest in mind. Vote for either of those parties and you are voting to keep corporations in control.


  15. This is just another way of obtaining cheap labor. There are plenty of AMERICANS that are highly skilled and can get the job done.

    Just more corporate welfare and Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder should be kicked out of office in the next election cycle.

    Here is an odd concept. American jobs for American workers

  16. allah_speaking

    Why live in Detroit, Michigan when you can more easily find a job in (fill in the blank) Texas? (Did I mention no state taxes?)
    MI state tax is 4.35% of federal income tax liability. Correct me if I am wrong…

  17. Calaverasgrande

    what an awful idea.
    Why not use web based training through Stanly or Wyotech to CREATE the talent we need in Detroit. About 15 years ago I lost my union job to outsourcing. The union negotiated a re-training agreement with my employer. This got me into a career in IT.
    I did all my training online and eventually passed my CCNA and MCSA.
    If we need coders, architects, engineers etc then TRAIN them.
    Michigan residents will help in return by increasing the tax base.
    Foreign contractors/H1b visas will NOT contribute to the tax base, so Detroit will continue to rot while bending over backwards to accommodate the greedy companies that don’t want to employ Americans, but want to enjoy the benefits of being located here.

  18. MORE foreign tech workers??? It never ceases to amaze me. This is the reason why our country is collapsing. We reward companies to bring in foreign tech workers as cheap labor, so the CEO’s can continue to make their MILLION dollar incomes and keep shareholders happy.

    Well you reap what you sow and years of doing this has destroyed our economy.


    You can train Americans. Create the jobs for them to fill. Pay them well– everything is cheap in Detroit now… raze all the blighted buildings— take them from deadbeat owners then RAZE the blighted buildings (via eminent domain).

    But do NOT bring a single foreign worker in.

    And thinking they will stay in Detroit??? That’s complete stupidity and an attempt to rationalize this stupid idea. Unless you are going to physically chain them down, or put exploding neck collars on them to keep them in the city limits…. you CANNOT think they will stay in Detroit. Once they have a year or two of experience… they WILL move to other cities.

    End result is these people WILL move to other cities, for better pay and a prettier/safer environment to live in.

    This politician disgusts me… this is just another example of a really stupid idea some politician is putting forth at the expense of people who need the work.

    It takes 12-20 weeks to train an American to do an IT job. That’s it. Programming is NOT difficult. If thousands of indians can go from living on the streets to being programmers… then anyone here can do it.

    WAKE up and get this politician out of office. He is further poisoning Detroit.

  19. displaced engineer

    Yet another great idea by our idiot elected officials. How about we start outsourcing politicians to dream up ideas. They would be better guardians of our taxes. By the way GalaxE, if you can’t maintain the talent in your area, why not relocate to a city where there are people who need work and want to live. I was unemployed and know many tech people who would be glad to work in Michigan. When unemployment levels drop to 1% by all means open things up.

  20. It looks like our government is trying to destroy its own citizens. When did the people become the enemy of the government? Moreover, the immigrants have infiltrated the top rungs of corporate America where they can lobby (bribe) our government into bringing more to displace the citizens. This is like a horror movie about the invasion of the United States, but through corporations instead of war. This is like the fall of America happening before our eyes.

    There is not a real shortage of Americans with advanced degrees and skills. It is a lie. The American dream is now the American nightmare. Now seems like a good time for a civil rights or union leader to start speaking up for America and the right to work.

  21. Purple Squirrel Chasers…

    ‘Cappelli, the George W. Taylor Professor of Management, is a connoisseur of job-hunting stories gone wrong. One of his favorites was related to him by someone in a company whose staffing department failed to identify a qualified candidate for a “standard engineering position” out of 25,000 applicants.’

    The IEEE notes that the STEM “Crisis” Is a Myth:

    They have a shortage, if you ignore the 11.4 Million STEM personnel who are no longer working in their field…

  22. The reason why there are so many Indians in tech jobs is that when one land a job , he or she tries to drag 5 more Indians in the organization. All of them are not excellent. Like Americans or any other nationality probably 10 precent of them are and should be retained. This is a vicious circle and is killing our economy because when u are calling one you are actually calling 10 or 15 .
    Plus their spending habits are worse for the econony as well because they save money and send back to India. 10 percent are good but that is correct for any nationalIty so why not train the Americans who are not the 10-15 percent

  23. Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    “Detroit’s Turnaround Plan Calls for Tech-Skilled Immigrants”

    Why are they expressly calling for more immigrants? Why not try to lure back Americans and legal immigrants that already left for obvious reasons?

  24. Paul Zander

    “In order for Detroit to grow again, we need highly trained workers to move in,
    open businesses and raise their families,”

    The new immigrants will _not_ be the ones opening high-tech businesses.

    “disconnect between what the business needs are and what the colleges and universities
    have been teaching.”

    IMHO, Too many businesses don’t want creative people who spent years earning degrees at any of the fine colleges and universities in Michigan. I suspect the “business needs” are for worker drones who are restricted by the visa restrictions from moving away or just looking for another company.

    There is probably some truth in the posting that, “It takes 12-20 weeks to train an
    American to do an IT job”

    So why doesn’t GalaxE have a job-training program for people who are already there and looking for work?

  25. A city like Detroit has to go to great lengths to attract talented and educated people because of the state of the economy there. I know a number of people that want to move out but they can’t because they are upside down on their mortgage. Today there are plenty of Americans that are educated and ready to work if they were given a chance.
    I don’t understand the state of the industry today, where they prefer to have a position open for months or years, because the job description is so narrow, rather than getting someone that has strong similar skills and help them grow into that role.

  26. What…????!!!! Are you kidding me ? A good idea ? How about employing 50,000 skilled workers that live there now ? Or hiring 5,000 recent USA college grads with advanced degrees, 5,000 regular college grads ? How about investing in the City by using the already vacant 4-5 Square Feet of factory space ? How about getting back to building things. There are skilled workers there. There are local technologist, scientist, and engineers. How about competing ? How about thinking about people already here ? I don’t like the word Hate but, I hate this idea, and I dislike the thought process by leaders. It isn’t the way it should be done.

    By the way, in the post it stated that they wanted to bring people in to help start the rebuild process by having them start businesses ? How ? Are you giving them seed money ? Why not invest in our people ? This is crazy.

  27. I work in IT Strategic Sourcing for a non-American company. I was warned when I started NOT to criticize companies like WIPRO, COGNIZANT, INFOSYS, TATA and the others because my employer (a Dutch company I am sure everyone here has heard of), like so many American multi-nationals had outsourced so much of the IT and ACCOUNTING and other support roles to the Indians. Those decisions, while above my pay-grade made me sick because I knew there were Americans who could do the job, who spoke and wrote English far better than 99.99% of the H1B imports that were being used and were located here in the USA, so there would be minimal time zone disruptions.

    Our politicians in both parties have SOLD US OUT and the American corporate bosses continually do the same to keep the shareholders happy. They don’t care about their employees and then wonder why there is zero employee loyalty.

    From my standpoint as a Sourcing/Procurement professional I can say with ALL CERTAINTY that there are NO SHORTAGES of qualified American IT talent and experience.

    What exists here is a shortage of American employers willing to pay livable, decent salaries to Americans.

    I have zero tolerance left for the Indians and God knows, there are far too many cases of fraud in their hiring and importation into the USA. There are far too many cases of Indian software people completely screwing up code and entire projects.

    The US government betrays its own citizens every day in EVERYTHING it does and the national leadership including OBAMA are CRIMINALS.

    I have a solution, but if I posted it here, I’d be arrested for sedition, so I’ll leave that conversation for another day.

  28. I was seriously considering “driving Detroit” next time I buy a car. If this crap goes through, I’ll rethink that. I don’t have to support corporate greed that screws an already bad economy and suffering workforce.

    We need term limits on the House and Senate and eliminate the “corporate citizen” concept for starters. Eliminating the cabal of bankers, cartel of banks that we call the Federal Reserve would also help. (Read the latest revision of The Creature from Jekyll Island if you have any doubts regarding the latter.)

  29. Elizabeth Shiflet

    As an American I am exercising my right to,” Freedom of speech.” I will not be bullied by corporate greed and threatened with life time unemployment for expressing my disgust over the hiring principles in IT. I have been looking for a job in IT since graduating in May 2012,and no one is busting down my door.It seems as though it is easier for companies to import low wage earners with the same educational background and experience as many Americans.
    I will fight immigration reform that benefits immigrants and robs Americans of a future.Any legislator that votes for this action will be exposed and voted out in short order.I have nothing but time to make IT my business,since I am gainfully unemployed,and have never collected $1.00 in unemployment benefits.Americans will stand united in the long run as usual.Think before you leap.

  30. Interested Man

    Get rid of Politicians and Industry, They left people in the cold. No care for public growth or Welfare. The Politicians of MIchigan are no good. All country has progressed. These folks are in their own world. GREEDY bastards

  31. I am a VP and run a technology staffing and BPO firm. Its sad to see America continue to decline at the hands of such incomprehensive greed. The latest statistics are that 1.5 million IT jobs are being sent to India for $7/HR over the next three years. The rest are being filled by indentured servants with handlers. By 2020 over half of all good paying white collar jobs are expected to disappear. Over 1/2 of all malls in the country are expected to go under all while politicians.

    Still want to run out and buy a house with the cheap money today? RIP the middle class…

    • TexasDave

      Spot on John. It appears these IT depts are thinking like politicians. “I’ll get the best bottom line for the Board, the country be damned. I’ll make my money now and perhaps my successor will make it right by correcting my mistake. But I’ll be long gone and blameless by then.”

  32. Our colleges and universities are not graduating enough students with strong science degrees, computer science or otherwise. Graduates with the right kinds of backgrounds for data scientist – computer science, statistics, machine learning – are coming out of the universities, but they are not coming out in sufficient numbers. As a result, firms are struggling to hire full-time or contract staff for IT and engineering positions. In working with IT staffing agencies, I know it’s important to know their true professional goals. Help them achieve their growth goals and help them establish a career growth path.

    • Still perpetuating the myth. If there was s shortage, we wouldn’t be laying off staff. I’ve been in that kind of market, and it was great for IT workers. This is a war to price IT workers out of the market using H1B’s, plain and simple.

      There is no shortage. Kind of like the gas shortages we were experiencing a couple of years ago. It was all just speculation.

      • I agree that there’s no shortage. If there were a shortage, then why aid my job and so many others being outsourced to India and Singapore? It’s all about money and greed. And these politicians want to perpetuate that situation.

      • TexasDave

        You nailed it SteveK. I was working at Ceva Logistics in Houston, TX in 2008 on contract to support their home grown system. I was part of a team of 124 programmers. A month later, management brought in a new CEO and he had a meeting right away. He said he was brought in to offshore all our jobs in the coming year. Sure enough, as the people from India were flown over, we were to teach them the system. I had to teach one gent whom only typed with his pointing finger. Well, he also used his left thumb for the shift key…. I had to teach him the most basic things about debugging, commands, programming terminology and SQL because he didn’t know ANYTHING about our IBM AS400/Iseries computer. Over the course of the year, they rolled off contractors and employees alike. I took the gent I was teaching to his apartment one night after we had to worked till 10pm. I asked him if he was happy there in Houston and he said, “No. They don’t pay us much (I found out later it was $12 a hour), they make 6 of us stay in this 1 bedroom apartment and they won’t let me go home to visit my daughter that was just born”. I felt sorry for him and all those other Indians. They are just trying to make a living, as am I. But they are really being taken for a ride by those agencies that provide the offshore personnel and the local talent gets put on the shelf.

      • Brad snider

        Walmart labs in San Francisco has more software development hires planned in 2014 than Stanford has graduates with computer science degrees.

        The software industry will grow better than 25% this year and unfortunately universities will not increase their graduates by that margin.

        The problem is not a shortage of electrical engineers. There is not a shortage of engineers who know legacy languages.

        There is a shortage of people who know and have worked with desirable languages, ruby, Python, JavaScript, objective-c, big data, scala, NoSQL.

        We teach these things at U of M, and….NO JOBS IN DETROIT!

        So they leave. Detroit needs to find a way to keep these people in the city. If that means importing people and requiring them to stay in Detroit, hence forcing a tech market to born, that is a good thing.

  33. Hmmm, if they were able to pull this off and allow all these highly educated people to immigrate to Detroit, I’m sure there would be several willing to do so. However, getting them to stay, live in and raise their children and invest in Detroit would be another thing. I can see these people moving out to the suburbs or to another state as soon as they are able and Detroit would still be in the same position it is in today. Then of course, they would have to ask for more immigrants to fill those empty spots. Detroit would just be a big revolving door for easy entrance into the U.S.

  34. Iam very very upset with this system called American Democracy. The right people are not running the affairs of the government but all these good for nothing attorneys.
    Let me tell you something, the Indians really perfect the art of taking advantage of how stupid some of us are especially the politicians, Bill gates and all the tech companies.
    I just got Oracle Certified Associate certification and was trained by an Indian guy and his wife in their living room. He trained 6 at a time and i was the only American during my session of training, the rest were Indians , with no IT background, but they train you to know and can secure an entry level job as an Oracle Developer.If these nice couple can take the initiative to help their people climb the economic ladder in America then why not us? We can hire them to train our inner city youths or old tech workers like me on new skills that is going unfilled .
    Lastly, the tech workers are very very greedy, they do not conduct training of Americans and offer them internship for jobs, instead they waste money posting job openings day in and day out.

  35. Marshall Anako

    By Indian Assult,
    I do not know why you don’t pin your name here.
    Anyway i think you are missing my point completely, i did not write to indite the Indian tech workers but rather to show how they are very successful and if the model is implemented things can turn around.
    How can i condemn the very people who show me the light in giving me training hand on training?
    When i said tech workers meant the big It firms etc etc, not the Indians..

    Please read well before you jump into conclusion.