How Can I Find Free Technical Training?

A member of the Dice Community asks:

TrainingI work for a small company that doesn’t offer in-house training or tuition assistance and I can’t afford an expensive boot camp. I really need to upgrade my skills, can you help me find free training? Thanks.

Most states offer employers some sort of funding for employee training. So volunteering to find the funds and a qualified training program may be a good first step. For example, the Tech America Foundation provides tax-payer funded training to companies with employees working in California. Pennsylvania provides training grants. Contact your local employment department or check out this list of state training grants to see if your firm qualifies for assistance.

If you’d rather study from the comfortable confines of your home office, many colleges offer free online courses. Search the Internet for open training courses and free tutorials, and see if your alma mater offers continuing education to alumni. There are literally thousands to choose from. Here’s a few to get you started.

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    Many software vendors offer free learning and trial software versions for download. You will have to decide what you want the tool to do and read the documentation and try to build something useful as a demonstration project. It wil be painful to hear that the hiring company needs on-the-job experience, but you might find a smaller firm where the hiring manager is smarter and more flexible than the typical HR resume scanning software.

  2. Coursera too has good courses, I have taken 3 classes there. You also get to interact with other students in the class (through forums), so you won’t feel alone and have someone to ask for help or just get some feedback.

  3. David Penney

    Microsoft Virtual University has some good free training courses on their virtulization and windows products. I also found out which vendors my company has partnered with and have taken their free partner on line training videos.