Kaplan to Launch Ruby on Rails Boot Camp

National education and training heavyweight Kaplan Test Prep has teamed up with thoughtbot, a consulting firm that makes Web and mobile apps, to launch a Ruby on Rails immersive boot camp called Metis.

The companies are entering a nascent and burgeoning niche market to produce the kind of high-level development talent designed to fill jobs across the country. “The current disparity between supply and demand for developer talent … means fluency in coding and software languages is a much-needed capability in today’s job market,” said Bernardo Rodriguez, Metis co-founder and chief digital officer of Kaplan Test Prep.

Metis LogoThe 12-week course is designed as a new economy skills training (NEST) program and is aimed at individuals seeking job-ready development skills. It uses curriculum versed in Kaplan’s established science and assessment studies and is delivered by thoughtbot Ruby on Rails specialists. The application process is competitive, with no more than 30 qualified candidates being accepted.

This inaugural course will run from Feb. 24 through May 16, 2014, at thoughtbot’s Boston headquarters. Students will have weekends off.

Metis will train participants in HTML5 Erb, CSS Sass, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails and Git and show them how to independently create Ruby on Rails applications. The process culminates in a final “Hiring Day,” where graduates will be connected to potential employers.

Thoughtbot plans to run the course three weeks longer than the San Francisco-based Dev Bootcamp, a comparable program which has seen significant success with job placements.

One Response to “Kaplan to Launch Ruby on Rails Boot Camp”

  1. Disclaimer: I am the co-founder of a similar program, Launch Academy (http://www.launchacademy.com) in Boston. We’re a more intimate program than Dev Bootcamp but share some of their early core principals towards educational diversification.

    I first met Shereef Bishay in early 2012 after he wisely took an MVP approach to what is now known as Dev Bootcamp via his cousin and a small group of other aspiring developers based on a ‘bet’ that he couldn’t teach them to code in 10-weeks. Not only did Shereef prove that small group wrong (winning the bet) but he’s gone on to pioneer an industry that has benefited thousands of people to change their lives for the better through immersive education in software development.

    A lot of progress has taken place since that conversation by Dev Bootcamp, Launch Academy and the now 80+ other programs in this space. Immersive software development programs now collectively offer more diversity in learning opportunities for people via part-time, longer-term, new languages, online + mentorship, etc. The big winner here is the student who, now more than ever, can change the course of their career by attending a program that can teach them job-ready skills via an attractive ROI.

    Although we vary in our Development Philosophies (http://www.launchacademy.com/development-philosophies) and Instructional Philosophies (http://www.launchacademy.com/instructional-philosophy) what we share is an unwaning interest in offering an alternative option to people who want to learn new skills which will provide for a better life via a strong educational value proposition.

    Fast-forward a year or so from my first meeting with Shereef, I was fortunate to meet Dave Hoover, the founder of DBC Chicago. Our shared interest with Dave towards increasing apprenticeship opportunities for aspiring developers continues to be a critical next step for our industry. Currently the majority of the available 1mm+ software jobs available in the US as of 2020 (per code.org/stats), are housed in Fortune 500 companies. It’s our responsibility as pioneers to unlock these opportunities. I look forward to the additional support that DBC has attained via this transaction to further the push towards this goal.

    I’d be happy to assist future aspiring developers with guidance and/or support directly. I’m pretty easy to find on twitter or email.

    Congrats to Shereef, Dave and now Tanner in NYC!


    Evan Charles
    Launch Academy