These 5 Tech Jobs Will See the Most Growth in 2014

Top Growing Jobs for 2014

Mobile app developers top the list of Robert Half Technology’s top growth tech jobs for 2014. Given the high demand for mobile-dev skills and the difficulty finding people who have them, that’s no surprise.

RHT compiles this list based on increases to average starting salaries. Next year, the Internet of Things will be a big driver of demand for software developers and engineers as more applications are built around everything from cars to house alarms to refrigerators. One thing spurring the need will be the number of enterprises that aren’t yet familiar with the potential such products offer their business. “The problem is that most enterprises and technology vendors have yet to explore the possibilities of an expanded Internet and are not operationally or organizationally ready,” according to a Gartner report cited by RHT.

Meantime, business intelligence workers will pull in higher starting salaries with Big Data serving as a catalyst. “With so much data, companies need business-minded technology professionals to analyze it so they can glean valuable insights,” says RHT.

But not just any BI worker will get snapped up. Certain types – those who are familiar with designing and developing enterprise-wide data analysis and reporting solutions and others who can create data cleansing rules – will be in particular need. Candidates here are judged on such skills sets as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and other databases.

One Response to “These 5 Tech Jobs Will See the Most Growth in 2014”

  1. Michael Stelly

    Tell you the truth, I’ve been waiting for the world to catch up to mobile for 15 years. Back then, I was building databases around Oracle’s 9i app server with a mobile (it wasn’t called that then) plugin. Say what you want about Larry Ellison, but the man has vision.

    It’s good to see that my faith in that vision is finally bearing fruit.