Angels Plan to Support Central Coast Startups


Macromedia founder and Accel Partners venture development team member Bud Colligan has teamed up with 19 other technology angel investors to form the Central Coast Angels, a group that means to further develop the ecosystem for new companies in technology, food, farm tech, genome bioinformatics, marine science and recreation. The CCA plans to consider investments recommended by its members and expects to have its website running early next year.

SeagullColligan, a Santa Cruz resident, told Santa Cruz Tech Beat of his desire to enhance the opportunities for startups in the Central Coast area. The CCA plans to build on the ecosystem efforts already underway by such organizations as the gathering spot Santa Cruz TechRaising, Santa Cruz New Tech meetup and the technology news digest Santa Cruz Tech Beat.

In addition, there’s SLO Seed Ventures, which invests in startups in San Luis Obispo County. Since SLO syndicates with other angel groups, it wouldn’t be surprising if at some point it meets up with the CCA.

[Update: Colligan was interviewed by the Santa Cruz Tech Beat regarding CCA. An earlier version of the story attributed his comments to another publication]

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December 09, 2013 at 12:31 pm, Dr. Gene Nelson said:

Thanks for this story, Dawn. As an entrepreneurially-minded resident of San Luis Obispo, I’m gratified to learn about SLO Seed Ventures. I attempted a software startup utilizing pen-based computing for healthcare professionals and first responders in Cleveland, Ohio from 1990-1993. I had assistance from Case Western Reserve University, among other organizations. Such assistance was necessary, but insufficient. Among other things, I learned about the geographically-sensitive nature of startup capital.


December 10, 2013 at 3:39 pm, Dawn Kawamoto said:

Hi Gene, Glad to hear this story may lead to you hooking up with SLO Seed Ventures. Best wishes on your entrepreneurial efforts. Should you or other entrepreneurs wish to sharpen your pitch skills to angels and VCs, is working with noted Silicon Valley VC Tim Draper and will host a session on Jan. 23, in which three entrepreneurs picked by Dice editors will practice pitching to Tim. Here’s a story we recently did on the competition,


December 10, 2013 at 6:44 pm, Sara Isenberg said:

Hi Dawn,
The Jan 23 pitch event with Tim Draper sounds great and I will share it in next week’s Santa Cruz Tech Beat.
If you ever have news items (relevant to Santa Cruz tech community) please feel free to email me at or submit it here:


December 09, 2013 at 3:44 pm, Sara Isenberg said:

Hi Dawn,

I’m the producer and editor of Santa Cruz Tech Beat, a free, weekly news digest for folks who want to know and share what’s up in the Santa Cruz, CA tech community including UC Santa Cruz. Not just for geeks, the digest provides a convenient way for business, community leaders, educators, and the general public to stay informed about tech activities and business developments in Santa Cruz County.

Thank you for covering this topic. It’s an exciting time for tech on the Central Coast!

Just to set the record straight, Santa Cruz Tech Beat broke the story about Bud Colligan and Central Coast Angels on Dec 2 here: The Sentinel did not speak with Colligan for their Dec 3 story. They got the tip from Santa Cruz Tech Beat’s Dec 2 article and wrote their story based on that. This is not to dismiss the Sentinel at all because Santa Cruz Tech Beat gets plenty of valuable tech news and tips from the Sentinel, and their coverage enhanced our news.

I invite you and your readers to subscribe to Santa Cruz Tech Beat at

Thank you,
Sara Isenberg
Publisher, Editor, Curator
Santa Cruz Tech Beat


December 10, 2013 at 3:44 pm, Dawn Kawamoto said:

Hi Sara,

Thanks for the clarification and it will be noted in an update Look forward to hearing how the ecosystem evolves along the Central Coast. Btw, I grew up along the Central Coast in SB County.


December 09, 2013 at 5:22 pm, Dr. Gene Nelson said:

I appreciate the clarification and your initiative, Sara. I just subscribed to Santa Cruz Tech Beat.


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