How to Get Low-Cost – or No-Cost – Training

A programmer’s skills need constant updating. You know the story: Technology that was hot two years is old hat as far as employers are concerned – which means they want something different today. And while it used to be companies would spring for the cost of training, that’s become increasingly rare.

So, how do you get the training you need? That’s what we explore in this week’s hangout. Our panel — Software Engineering Talent Guide Catherine Powell, C++/C# and Java Talent Guide David Bolton, and NOVA Job Center Career Coach Sharadon Smith — looks into free and low cost options, as well as ways to prove your expertise in skills you’ve already learned.

Resources Staying Up to Date  

Course Aggregation lists

Training Opportunities



  • (offers many levels of technical training for a subscription price. I recommend the $37.50/month model because it comes with exercise files)
  • thoughtbot (A Boston Ruby on Rails consultancy. This one costs $99 per month without mentoring and $249 with)

Design Contest Sites (great ways to get coding experience and network):

Code review sites (opportunity to practice coding and get feedback):


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