Employees Have a Love/Hate Relationship With BlackBerry

It comes as no surprise that life at Blackberry isn’t what it used to be, and employees aren’t being quiet about it. A lack of growth opportunities, a lack of stability and a general lack of fun are all taking their toll.

BlackBerry Logo Resized“There aren’t many chances to grow internally,” wrote one current employee on Glassdoor.com, the anonymous employer reviews site. “The company does not retain its top talent. The company did not do a good job of marketing its products, which lead to layoffs. There are teams that aren’t willing to work with other teams to collaborate.”

Another worker, an eight-year veteran, offered this assessment: “Pros – Used to have good salary. Used to have fun projects. Cons – Going down hill. Fast. Bye.”

For a company going through layoffs, a sales drop and offers for sale, such comments don’t come out of the blue. What is surprising, though, is the number of positive comments the company still receives.

If you look at the 13 reviews posted by current employees since Sept. 1, you’ll find they’re split roughly down the middle between those who like BlackBerry and those who don’t. Actually, there are more positive comments, but those who wouldn’t recommend the company to a friend were counted as a negative rating.

Here are more samples:

From an engineer: “I have been working at BlackBerry full-time for more than 3 years. Pros – Company atmosphere, pay, and benefits. Cons – Company is going through at transformation. Yes, I would recommend this company to a friend – I’m optimistic about the outlook for this company.”

Another: “Pros – good start. many opportunity. Cons – improvable management. lost the best timing.”

A mobile applications team lead likes the benefits and says BlackBerry was a good place to work before its business started to go bad. Today, he sees a lack of innovation and questions the company’s survival.  While employees like the company’s culture, they see management as being somewhat sedentary, without real vision or drive to innovate.

The prevailing sense isn’t one of bitterness, however. It’s disappointment. And though some employees have hope for the company, most recent commenters do not. That could change, however, if BlackBerry’s new leadership begins articulating a vision and can convince their employees to get behind it. How big an “if” that is remains to be seen.