Tech Job Numbers Keep Climbing in N.Y.

Advancing technology and a number of startups have created thousands of tech jobs in New York City in a very short timeframe, according to the Partnership for New York City’s NYC Jobs Blueprint. The average salary is $96,400. That’s not bad, though bear in mind the area’s an expensive place to live.

New YorkThe Partnership worked with consulting company McKinsey to analyze the number of true tech positions in the city, which it defined as jobs requiring advanced skills across all industries. So, people working on help desks weren’t considered high-tech employees, but software developers were.

The Jobs Blueprint estimates that the city is home to 150,000 tech jobs. That’s lower than a report commissioned by Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s private foundation, which said that the tech/information sector accounted for 262,000 jobs — an 11 percent jump since the economy crashed in 2007.

Why the difference? Technology-focused venture capitalist Fred Wilson believes that it’s difficult to say whether some of the companies included in the Bloomberg report should be considered true tech companies. The report identified information and Internet services, IT systems consulting and implementation, media production, software developers and IT infrastructure, as well as scientific, engineering, and industrial design services firms, as companies in the “tech/information sector.”

One Response to “Tech Job Numbers Keep Climbing in N.Y.”

  1. jelabarre

    I’m presuming you meant to say tech job numbers are climbing in *****NYC*****. There’s a who other state attached to the cespool that is NYC. Moving to NYC for work would be something many people would regret quite quickly.

    As for me, I’d rather see what is available in NY State at large.