How to Get Hired by Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin is a $46 billion aerospace, defense, security and advanced technology giant. The third largest aerospace and defense company (after Boeing and United Technologies), it has a diverse business portfolio. For example, in 2012 it was one of eight vendors awarded a $15 billion contract by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to consolidate the center’s data services.

Lockheed Martin LogoCompany officials say the highly sensitive nature of their business demands that they hire top-notch workers with a security clearance.

“Our IT team comprises some of the best minds in areas such as cyber and intelligence,” says Ben Martin, Lockheed’s vice president of global talent acquisition. “Our culture is also characterized by our passion to develop our employees’ careers through leadership development, mentoring and training opportunities.”

Currently, the company currently has numerous openings around the U.S. and the world for entry-level software engineers and developers, network engineers, systems engineers and others with expertise in cybersecurity and intelligence analysis. Many of these positions require a clearance.

How to Read a Job Posting

“It’s important to consider the skills and experience requirements,” of the posting, says Martin. It’s also important to understand subtle distinctions. “Sometimes a job seeker will infer that their skills or experiences are in the position description [which puts the job in context] and overlook the actual skills or experiences required in the job description.”

Making Your Approach

Be sure to research the company’s products and services before you reach out. Also, be sure your resume details specific examples of work and project experience. Martin likes candidates who highlight their achievements and demonstrate leadership.

It’s also important for candidates to list all the skills and products they’ve used, Martin says, because Lockheed recruiters look for frequently used key words to identify strong candidates.

Advice for Experienced Professionals

If you see a job online that interests you, apply right away. “That may seem opposite to what the career counselors may advise, but with an enterprise the size of Lockheed Martin, and the policies governing job seekers privacy, it’s the best method to have your resume seen,” Martin explains.

After applying, network with the company’s recruiters and hiring managers on social networking sites. “This networking will foster a relationship that can help (a candidate) navigate Lockheed Martin.”

Advice for College Students and Recent Graduates

Lockheed Martin maintains a University Talent Acquisition team. “Emerging talent is critical to our ability to provide innovative solutions to the world’s changing technologies,” says Martin. “Our University Talent Acquisition team is focused on recruiting for college, internship and co-op and Leadership Development Program opportunities.”

The company partners with university career centers and often provides information sessions or interview workshops on campus. To learn about events near you, visit the calendar on the company’s website and visit your campus career center for additional information. Martin notes that you can also chat on Lockheed’s career website with one of the university talent acquisition professionals.

13 Responses to “How to Get Hired by Lockheed Martin”

  1. Christopher J. Zastrow

    I have applied for the Area Security position located on Luke Air Force base. I applied for that same position previously and actually completed the interview for the position with high hopes. After numerous follow ups with the hiring manager I was informed the contract was lost and that position was removed. I have just recently seen it posted on the Lockheed Martin website and reapplied again. However, I have yet to hear from anyone regarding the position or my application.

    I am a retired Army Soldier (Oct 2012). My last assignment in the Army was the Personnel Security Manager for a recruiting battalion – of which I managed over 300 Soldiers and civilians security clearances and feel my experience is directly in line with the Area Security Monitor position. I am very eager to be a member of Lockheed Martin and be the one to fill the vacancy for this position. If anyone can assist – it is and will be greatly appreciated.

  2. I applied for a Sr.Technical Support position with lockheed martin. After 2 interviews that i passed, they sent me an offer letter to work with them. they offered me less than half of my current salary with another company and a non excempt position. Not very good for such a big company, they should offer more competitive salaries.

  3. anonymous

    I have one tip that might save applicants some time: Find the “req type” in the Lockheed job posting. If it says “blue sky,” it is probably not a funded position yet.

    There are several “openings” posted right now (11/07/2013) for jobs that couldn’t possibly be filled for well over a year. They haven’t even bid on the contract yet. So it’s just an exercise in collecting names and resumes to build-up the viability of their proposal or to gauge the market.

    It might not be true of all “blue sky” jobs, and I give credit to LM for at least pointing out that the openings are “blue sky.” But I still hate that there are so many misleading requisitions– especially in engineering.

  4. I would not recommend Lockheed-Martin as a company for anyone to work for. Lockheed bought the company I worked for, OAO, back in 2003 and proved to be an amateurish and badly run company.

    1) Lockheed pays all employees, salaried and hourly, every Friday. Not bi-weekly, not twice-per-month, but every Friday.

    2) Lockheed does (did not) offer any kind of 401K match, yet the contract OAO had stated employees were to be offered a 401K with matching contributions. Lockheed was not going to honor that until a few people complained to the Government.

    3) Lockheed was not going to honor the contract stipulation for employee sick days. Once again, people had to complain to the Government for Lockheed to honor the contract.

    4) Lockheed execs and managers think very highly of themselves, and a such enjoy having site employees attend mandatory all-hands meetings during the employee’s lunch hour. Employees are told they have to clock out and make up their time for having attended the meetings.

    5) Anytime Lockheed loses litigation for having broken the law, or failed to ensure employee safety, then all employees are required to complete mandatory training. For example, we all had to complete training regarding the proper sale of software to ensure US software is not sold to countries on the US Government’s list of banned recipients. As a programmer, that made no sense as I never would be part of selling software.

    The second example occurred when an employee at the aircraft manufacturing facility in Mississippi shot up the workplace and killed several co-workers. Never mind that many employees had complained about him for quite some time, that the union stonewalled getting him fired, and management never pushed the issue. Everyone in the company had to complete training to recognize at-risk employees and how to alert management to a potential threat.

    6) Lockheed encouraged (and by encouraged I mean intimidated) employees, through the managers, to purchases US savings bonds as a “display of support for the US as we were all Government contractors”.

    Screw Lockheed-Martin.

  5. Anonymous

    I applied for a position at LM. The employment representative contact me through email and ask me some questions. She told me she will submit every to the hiring manager. Just wondering how long would it take for them to get back if iam selected for an interview?

  6. I am a Recruitment/HR professional who has been interested and applying for Lockheed Martin for the past 2 years. During this time I have never received contact via email nor phone from any of the applications I submitted.
    A few weeks ago I had a connection of mine who is a long-time engineering with Lockheed contact the hiring HR manager in regards to my resume. My connection was informed by the HR rep that they would ‘love’ to ‘meet’ with me and discuss how I could potentially fit into the organization. The Rep also asked for the requisition to which I submitted applications. The Rep informed my connection that she would ‘reach out’.
    It has been 2 weeks and I have not received a phone call nor an email from Lockheed Martin. Two nights ago I received 2 automatic rejection emails for 2 of the Employment Representative opportunities that I applied for.
    My applications and resumes and cover letters are 100% tailored to the job descriptions. My cover letters specifically state that I am willing and able to relocate world wide at my own expense. Also the job requisitions state that Virtual work is possible if I am located near a Lockheed site, which I am.
    Could anyone give me any advice, suggestions, or possible reasons why the HR Rep who is hiring for these roles has not yet followed through in contacting me as was stated to my connection?
    I’d love the opportunity to be a part of the progression and success of Lockheed Martin.

  7. Autumn

    I have been trying to obtain a position in security for 3 years. My resume and application fits all the skills and experience preferred. I am currently in security for a nuclear station and I have prior law enforcement experience. I hadn’t received a response in all that time. In the past few months, a contact I have put my name on a “referred list” and said I should apply again. This time I received an automated email asking if I would need accommodation for a disability during the hiring process. I responded immediately and immediately I received another email of rejection for this position. Every application I have submitted since then, I either don’t receive a response at all, or it is rejected. Is there someone I can talk to to find out what is going on? The general email at Imcareers Helpdesk doesn’t seem to work. They get back to you or they don’t answer your question. I’m not even sure they read your email. “We will contact you if there is a position for you” is the response you get every single time, even though that isn’t what you asked.

  8. I applied and received an email with a link to a security survey and it asked if I had any collections or bankruptcy. Do you have to have nothing in collections to get a job with Lockheed martin?

  9. Dave Jablonsky

    Lockheed also routinely discriminates on the basis of age. That’s probably why the Army retiree didn’t get hired on for the security position despite being perfectly qualified. They probably gave it to some young guy that did 4 years in the military so Lockheed wouldn’t have to pay him nearly as much.

  10. Jeffrey T Patterson

    Hello All,
    I just applied to Lockheed Martin 02/17/2021 and received an email requesting me to fill out an attachment, it has question such as What is your security ( Secret or Top Secret), the next question is Required Qualification and Experience

    Required Knowledge and Skills: Please tie your qualifications to the Required Knowledge/Skill by providing an example of your experience and/or knowledge

    Not sure what this means, can someone help?