Zuckerberg Plans Hackathon to Spur Immigration Reform

Continuing its efforts to focus attention on immigration reform, Mark Zuckerberg’s political advocacy group FWD.us plans a hackathon for tech-savvy undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children.

hackathonAt the hackathon, tech luminaries such as Zuckerberg, LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman, DropBox founder Drew Houston and Groupon’s Andrew Mason will work alongside the young participants.

“Each team will create a project or application that could help supporters share stories, contact members of Congress or show family and friends why they want meaningful immigration reform,” according to the hackathon’s website.

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The hackathon is scheduled to run Nov. 20-21 at LinkedIn’s headquarters in Mountain View, Calif. Travel expenses will be covered for select applicants.

“There’s been a lot of delay and too little action coming from Washington this month,” FWD.us President Joe Green told the Los Angeles Times. “We hope that momentum coming from our hackathon — and the technology it creates — can help move immigration reform forward.”

Zuckerberg has talked about being spurred to action after working with a group of middle schoolers. When asked what they’re most afraid of, one boy said he feared being unable to attend college because he is undocumented.

“We talk about high-skilled H1-Bs and full comprehensive immigration reform as if they are two separate issues,” Zuckerberg said at an event in August. “But anyone who knows immigration knows that they’re not.”

3 Responses to “Zuckerberg Plans Hackathon to Spur Immigration Reform”

  1. But no hackathon for border security? Thanks, Zuck.

    And we citizens should feel sorry for the dreamers when it was their own parents who put them into that undocumented position through their illegal acts? Naturally, the grown undocumented kids will want to bring in their relatives to join them once they become de-undocumented. Anchor dreamers?

    Zuckerman knows there’s no shortage of tech workers. Just a shortage of non-greedy billionaires like him that won’t pay American workers fairly and would rather discriminate against anyone older than himself.

    • I find it very perplexing how so called American business leaders like Mr.Zurkerberg and other so called Americans make the choice to support illegal alien, invaders over their own American countrymen?. I wonder, how much money and profit are enough? Why do they not support the American Citizens who families have fought and died in the service of this great country and rely on these companies for their livelihood? Why do they sell them out for foreign workers to make a few dollars more, while they destroy American lives and communities. The have no integrity, no loyalty and no sense of American pride to a nation that has been the beacon of innovation and prosperity throughout hundreds of years of American sovereignty. I find these people to be despicable traitors not worthy of anything less than shame and destine.. .

  2. I’m sure he does want imigration and to open the flood gates to everyone. That means the real wage can go down even further for skilled technical positions like IT. These companies like Facebook, Micrsoft, and Cisco have been exploiting the H1-B visa imigrants for a while now. Why not just make them all legal and bring the wage down to minimum wage to be a programer!