Where Are Linux Jobs Heading?

Does all this movement to the cloud mean enterprise systems administration is dying? If you’re a Linux systems admin, how can you increase your value? And what are the new areas you need to add to your portfolio? Our Linux Talent Community Guide Rob Reilly and Linux Consultant Bill Weinberg take a look at the future of jobs in Linux and open source administration.


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3 Responses to “Where Are Linux Jobs Heading?”

  1. I think it is pretty clear. Linux admin jobs are headed nowhere. Going to the cloud will cause it to go overseas or from imported workers. System Administration is not, it is development and even that is temporary. All that is left to you is dealing with a parade of scummy recruters and even scummer contracting companies. Whatever you do, don’t go into STEM in general. You have less than a 50/50 chance to get a job. Technological advancement will be in the hands of others, not Americans. Hopefully it lasts a few more years till I retire. Be an artist or a musician. Get a guitar, stand on the corner and get some cash. The career potential is greater.

  2. There is no Linux Admin job these days (compared to what we had 5 years back). A linux Admin is also a Visualization Admin, Proxy/Firewall Admin, Network Engineer. Those old days of just scripting and installing, maintaining SOE is long gone. Now most things are scripted, pre-built, can be bought off the shelf or just in extreme cases outsourced. It’s not getting simpler, it’s getting more technical and it pays avg. Hmm, maybe I should look for a new job!

  3. I jst need to know that which area in the IT sector is growing as an engineer and to be successful upcoming years dramatically.
    What approach have to be taking for getting good job in the IT sectors.
    As in network Engineer what to do for getting good jobs and how to be set our goals.