Will Push for Immigration Reform Get Back on Track?

With the federal government back in business, President Obama wants to get immigration reform back on the front burner. But House Republicans, who say the president negotiated in “bad faith” on the debt crisis, aren’t eager to go head-to-head on such a controversial issue again so soon.

U.S. Capitol“There will definitely have to be a cooling off period,” Marshall Fitz, the director of immigration policy for the progressive Center for American Progress, told NBC News.

Senate Democrats stressed momentum in hammering out a comprehensive immigration bill by July. But the House has never had a timetable for dealing with the issue, and House Speaker John Boehner has said all along that the House will not take up the Senate bill, but come up with its own.

“If the House has ideas on how to improve the Senate bill, let’s hear them. Let’s start the negotiations,” the president said recently. “This can and should get done by the end of this year.”

But as one GOP leadership aide put it:

“The president’s actions and attitude over the past couple of weeks have certainly poisoned the well and made it harder to work together on any issue.”

The Senate bill would increase the yearly cap on H-1Bs — something the tech industry has lobbied hard for – add a special class of visas for entrepreneurs and change the requirements companies must meet in order to sponsor an H-1B worker.

But the sweeping bill also tackles a range of issues such as border security and a path to citizenship for the 11 million immigrants here illegally. The House has preferred piecemeal legislation, rather than what some have dubbed the massive, overarching Obamacare approach.

And that proposed patch to citizenship for illegal immigrants is a particular sticking point among conservatives who say it’s unfair to those who came here legally.

Now Rep. Raul Labrador, R-Idaho, once a member of a bipartisan House group seeking middle ground on immigration, told the Huffington Post last week that passing even small immigration bills in the House is now “not worth doing.”

7 Responses to “Will Push for Immigration Reform Get Back on Track?”

  1. While the economic elites created S.744 to provide myriad benefits to employer interests, there has been a strong grassroots pushback to this harmful legislation. I believe that this legislation is a good example of the concept that “greed knows no bounds.” As the PDF version of the 2012 report “How Record Immigration Levels Robbed American High-Tech Workers of $10 Trillion” each work visa admission is estimated to be worth $150,000 in reduced salary and benefit expenditures as experienced Americans are forced to train their imported replacements as a condition of receiving their meager outplacement benefit.

    • bluemountain184

      I don’t want to sound racist (I am a white Silicon Valley resident.), but I have to say that H-1B visas are primarily structured to benefit India and Indian nationals at this point.
      As an undergraduate at SJSU (San Jose State University), I have been ignored for so many internships by the area high-tech corporations.
      But when I check LinkedIn profile, it is not that hard to find Indian descent SJSU graduate students having internships then full time regular jobs with corporations like Intel, Broadcom, Cisco Systems, etc.
      When I go for job interviews, I am always treated like I just don’t know enough in hardware design to get hired despite myself continuing to work on the current generation technologies on my own imitative.
      Considering that universities like SJSU don’t really teach anything cutting edge, I always wonder why these Indian graduate students get internships/jobs left and right.
      The only conclusion I can come up with is, these corporations don’t want to hire anyone other than Indian foreign students for high-tech jobs.
      With this, why would a U.S. citizen want to study electrical engineering in college?

      • Dr. Gene Nelson

        As a currently unemployed former UC engineering professor, I’m saddened to learn of your difficulties in starting your engineering career. Sadly, you are learning why I have labelled these programs “de-facto government-sanctioned foreign hiring preference programs” in my writings. I hope that you have educated yourself regarding these programs. Professor Norm Matloff at UC Davis has researched and extensively documented how these programs facilitate discrimination against American citizens – and facilitate employment age discrimination. I strongly urge you to apply for positions where U.S. citizenship is required, such as working at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory.

        Corporate leaders such as Zuckerberg and Gates advocate for expansion of foreign hiring preference programs to increase their wealth.

      • RK Sharma

        Sir Indians are hired because IT in USA is controlled by South Indians; understand that people from Andhra Pradesh (Telugu) and Tamil Naidu (Tamil) are controlling IT market, there is a mafia chain and even Indians from other states are not allowed, technically South Indians say that other person is not competent , is not team fit etc but in reality, South Indian managers hire people from there own villages and cities and receive kick back of $5-$8 per hour, why will any American allow that, secondly Indians have slavery mentality, if needed they will go to any extent of flattering to keep there jobs, India is a society with lot of discrimination based on caste, religion, region etc, so when other Indians can’t get job forget about Americans, Republican house came a up with a good clause in immigration bill that said “ban outplacement services”, if this clause could be incorporated into immigration bill provided it get passed, your problem will be solved, problem is socialist democrats are promoting 11 million illegal workers as citizens as prior condition to get anything passed so that democrats can permanently own Senate, House and President-ship of America for ever. Technically these 11 million should be given indefinite work permit @ $200 per year with multiple entry, exit mechanisms along with there spouses and let them stay legally and pay taxes, only there young children who came in US as child should be given citizenship, Now democrats don’t get this fact that why to mix legal and illegal immigration hence nothing will be passed in House. Finally please note that South Indians have opened recruiting companies in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Naidu where Indians work at Rs 5000-Rs 800 (read $150-180) per month as recruiters and they will forward resume of only other Indian from there own community with fake degree, experience and references, resume itself is matched 100 percent with requirement and then only is given to prime vendor, so how can American have any chance in all this, Please look at some other field, and as matter of disclosure I am not Republican or Democratic supporter,nor even Green card holder or US citizen, I am myself on H1B who is ill treated in South Indian monopoly, still staying and struggling to make my ends meet because it is hard to even make $100 in India with so much abuse, toughness and jealousy, America is like heaven for me.Liberal media never allows these facts to come out in name of diplomatic correctness or political correctness or racial etc, I personally feel Americans are themselves hugely discriminated in IT field, now people say why do they need to work since they can take welfare as citizens, I don’t know if that is true but based on my experience I find Americans more good in talks and presentation instead of real deliveries, I will say too much discussion with little action, So explained both sides of coin from my perspective, hope it get published since facts are bitter sometimes.

  2. James Brown

    We’ve got to hurry up pass immigration reform so we can get those h1b visa holders into the country so they can fix the fix obamacare yeah are website. Oh I forgot the primary contractor is a foreign company , Opps. Hey dice where are the articles about the obama sites failures and the contractor uses h1b visa instead of American workers?

    • It goes beyond the short term. In the long term it’s about intellectual property, and worse, foreign access to financial info for Americans. Don’t forget, ObamaCare involves the IRS. What access to everyone’s data will this foreign interests have? What backdoors exist in millions of lines of code? No wonder I was reissued two new credit cards because of data compromises in the last couple of months. Expect a lot more in the future.