Enthusiasm Returns About Yahoo the Employer

Yahoo currently has a little over 12,000 employees worldwide, slightly fewer than it had when Marissa Mayer walked into the CEO’s office more than a year ago.

New Yahoo LogoBut despite the dip in numbers, Mayer is optimistic that the attraction of Yahoo as an employer is climbing among engineers and other IT professionals. Since she joined the company in July 2012, the company has hired nearly 1,000 engineers, Mayer said during the company’s earnings call earlier this week. In addition, Yahoo received more than 17,000 resumes for various positions in a single week, Mayer said. Overall, the number of resumes coming has risen eightfold in the last year.

In part, candidates’ renewed interest in Yahoo can be attributed to the plethora of projects the company has underway. Mayer pointed to a wide breath of them released during the quarter:

Yahoo continued its product momentum in the third quarter, launching new experiences for users’ daily habits across desktop, mobile and tablets (including Yahoo Screen, Sports, Fantasy Sports, Movies, Music, TV, omg!, Games and Weather), as well as a new camera experience on Flickr for iPhone. The Company introduced a new My Yahoo, allowing users to personalize their homepage with a more modern design. Yahoo also rolled out a new logo to reflect the evolution of the Company’s products and experiences after more than 18 years without a major redesign.

Within the existing ranks, engineers are more excited to be working at Yahoo since Mayer was hired.

“I was thinking of leaving when [former CEO] Carol Bartz was here, like many people,” one Yahoo engineer told Dice News. “But since Marissa arrived, I feel the company’s direction is correct and we’re working toward a future. It feels good.”