Small Business Tech Hires Strong Outside Silicon Valley

Technology hubs including New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Denver-Boulder, Colo., are outpacing Silicon Valley in hiring, according to the monthly TriNet SMBeat analysis of small-business hiring.

Atlanta-NY-LA-DenverSmall businesses in technology showed net job growth of 1.38 percent in September, down from 1.52 percent in August. Despite the drop, that’s still better than the overall economy’s dip to 0.79 percent from 1.37 percent.

While the analysis pegged net job growth in Silicon Valley at just 0.45 percent, Atlanta logged 3.31 percent, Denver-Boulder 1.69 percent, Los Angeles 1.55 percent and the New York metro area 1.10 percent net job growth.

Meanwhile, tech salaries in the Bay Area averaged $119,000, the highest around. Denver-Boulder was the highest outside of Silicon Valley, averaging $100,000. Pay was similar in Atlanta ($97,200), the New York metro area ($97,900) and Los Angeles ($98,600).

The report notes continuing pay disparity for women, however. In Los Angeles, for instance, women average about $70,000 in pay, compared to $92,500 for men. Asian women in tech are doing better there than in other parts of the country, with their median salary gap in Los Angeles standing 21.1 percent compared with 27 percent nationally.

Among Denver-area employers, healthcare provider Kaiser Permanente has opened an IT hub, with plans to employ 700 IT workers by 2015.

The mobile sector and a cluster of healthcare IT vendors have been driving IT hiring in Atlanta.

By one estimate, New York now employs 60,000, nearly double the industry’s low point in 2003. There, the tech and advertising industries are meshing in whole new ways.