NYC Tech Jobs Boost Other Sectors, Too

Growth in New York City’s tech sector is evident in the number of people now working in technology jobs there. According to Crain’s New York Business, 60,000 positions are in place, nearly double the amount seen during the industry’s low point in 2003.

Advertising OnlineThe growth has had an impact beyond technology, Crain’s reports. Advertising technology is becoming a bigger part of the city’s advertising space, and so there’s a boost in jobs there, as well. Given the increasing overlap of tech and advertising, that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Both traditional and digital agencies are seeing increased demand for social media and Internet advertising solutions. Currently, 66,000 people work in New York’s ad industry, a record.

The average pay for tech jobs in New York is around $80,000, according to the New York State Labor Department. Together, the technology and advertising industries employ more people in the city than higher education, law, accounting, and investment banking and brokerage combined.

2 Responses to “NYC Tech Jobs Boost Other Sectors, Too”

  1. James Reefer

    NYC tech has also had a huge impact on the real estate industry – look at prices in the areas where firms congregate: DUMBO, Union Square, and increasingly LIC and Chelsea. Technology has been very, very good to the real estate industry.