St. Louis Tech Companies Scramble for Talent

St. Louis has found its mojo as a tech hub, writes Gabe Lozano, Co-Founder and Chief Executive of LockerDome, a social media platform for sports. A few years ago, he writes on The Wall Street Journal’s website, he would have gotten more respect by telling people he was unemployed rather than living there. That’s not true anymore.

St. Louis, MOLozano points to a vibrant startup scene that includes companies like earbuds maker Yurbuds, enterprise software developer Gainsight and content company CrowdSource. Taking a similar tack at Forbes, Chuck Cohn, Founder and CEO of tutor-matching website Varsity Tutors, mentions medical Big Data developer Appistry, Lozano’s LockerDome and mobile app developer Bonfyre.

Talented people want to work with other talented people and the city has forged a mixture of mentorship, entrepreneurship and educational resources into a thriving tech community, they say. Meanwhile, the city recently announced plans to raise $100 million over five years to nurture locally grown early-stage companies.

All of this has area businesses scrambling for talent. One effort to ease that challenge is LaunchCode, which pairs young coders with more experienced developers. Companies hiring in the city include Monsanto, Asynchrony Solutions and NextGen.

4 Responses to “St. Louis Tech Companies Scramble for Talent”

  1. There are quite a few companies that are hiring – Boeing is suppose to be bring 1000+ jobs over the next couple of years – the need for Service Desk Technicians is always available including Dell Services Federal Government and with Scott AFB in close proximity – I am always hearing of people being picked up there.

    Although many would see that the Service Desk position is just sitting in a cube farm and never getting a chance to grow – well you may not move up and have a fancy position or title – but if they provide accesses for your personal and professional growth by providing avenues for you to expand your knowledge (Training) whether they provide access and you study or thru educational benefits that you can utilize (mostly with a time on the job commitment).

    The pay is fair and the working conditions may be drone like – but it brings a solid and regular pay check and you are not looking at a 6 month gig…….check it out..

  2. Chris Cross

    Jason! Are you that naive? Some people WANT to move to St. Louis because they don’t like where they live. Why do you insist they have a St. Louis address before you interview them?

    Do you not realize how ridiculous you sound? And you are in charge of Sales and Marketing? LOL! You certainly don’t know how to attract talent. I certainly wouldn’t want to work with someone as confused as you are.

    You are the poster child for the typical non-thinking employee who complains they cannot find anybody. I bet you would love an H1-B visa.

    • Chris and Mike,

      Guys, why such angry responses? To clarify, I didn’t say “we need people who were born here, raised here, and live here right now,” what I said was we needed people “right here in the ‘Lou.” One of our points of differentiation as a business is that we don’t subcontract overseas, so — while it’s flattering that we get resumes from all over the world — as a small company, we’re not in a position to relocate employees from around the globe to St. Louis (as much as we’d like to since we have developer roles to fill).

      For other people reading this post, allow me to clarify: We’re hiring. If you’re a good developer who wants to be challenged by your work AND you’d like to live in St. Louis, MO (a great city with an outstanding quality of life and civic pride — and not just because our beloved Cards are in the World Series), reach out and get in touch. The hiring manager’s door is open.


  3. Mike Carter

    But Jason, why do you discriminate against people who WANT to move St. Louis. Are you saying you only want to hire St. Louis natives? We know you WANT people right there in Lou but you don’t have them. That’s the point of the article. So how can you compete? Your solution is to give up and ignore the resumes you have of people wanting to move to St. Louis?!?

    If I were an investor in your company I would pull out knowing that you are filtering out talented people and settling instead for nothing.