KC’s Sporting Innovations Wants to Hire 60 ASAP

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Kansas City stadium technology startup Sporting Innovations is growing faster than anticipated, so it plans to add 60 jobs over the next 12 to 14 months. Previously, the company said it would add those employees over three years.

The positions are expected to pay between $85,000 and $130,000. So far the company has posted jobs for iOS, Android and Web developers, cloud systems engineers and user experience designers. It’s also adding staff in sales and marketing. It wants to fill all of the positions as soon as possible.

Sporting Innovations’ technology allows fans in a stadium to communicate with each other and with their team. This summer, it launched the mobile app Sporting Club Uphoria.

The startup is a spinoff of Major League Soccer franchise Sporting Kansas City. Wide exposure at the MLS All-Star Game in July sparked interest in the technology, which helps teams and stadium owners monetize interactions with fans.

“Our vision is catching on really aggressively. Things are ramping up very fast,” Managing Partner Asim Pasha told the Kansas City Business Journal. Projects with European teams are among the biggest areas of growth, he said.

Last year the Kansas City Business Journal honored Sporting Innovations with a technology ImpacT award for its innovation in digital ticketing.

Image: University of Wisconsin – Madison

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  1. What a stupid waste of technology. If you are going to go through all the expense, hastle, invonvienance, and general over-all brain-damge of attending a sporting event, ANY sporting even, why would you want to be constantly distracted by excessive smart-phone use? And why would you want to be communicating with the team? It isn’t up to the fans to be calling all the plays, and I’m sure the players don’t need the distractions. Sheesh!