Amazon Workers Sue Over Unpaid Time

Seven warehouse workers at Amazon distribution centers have filed a lawsuit seeking back pay for the time they spend in line to go through security checks during lunch breaks and after their shifts.

AMAZONThey don’t object to the checks – they acknowledge that the thousands of temp workers employed at the warehouses could be pilfering from the company – but they object to being required to clock out before standing in a line that might have 100 people in it. After working a 12-hour shift, getting out the door takes approximately 25 minutes, the lawsuit says.

Amazon operates fulfillment centers in 14 states, and this summer announced it would be hiring 7,000 more people, most of them to handle the distribution work.

An initial lawsuit on the matter filed in Nevada didn’t name Amazon, but rather the temp staffing agency Integrity Staffing Solutions. The new lawsuit names both. A federal court threw out the Nevada lawsuit, but an appeals court allowed a portion of it to proceed. In Kentucky, workers at Amazon subsidiary filed a similar suit. They said the wait for them can be 30 minutes or more.

Both lawsuits seek class-action status to cover all Amazon workers.

“The workers are not allowed to have personal items such as phones, personal electronic devices, or books in the facility, and have no way to use the time waiting in line for their own purposes,” the plaintiffs’ lawyers said.

Neither Amazon nor Integrity Staffing Solutions have commented on the lawsuits.

6 Responses to “Amazon Workers Sue Over Unpaid Time”

  1. Are contractors with security clearances able to file similar lawsuits when their building passes are held up by paperwork on someone’s desk, and they have to endure lengthy security checks entering and exiting buildings on their own time?

  2. Raoul Duck

    Staggered start-times/flex-time schedules would fix this problem and make the job more tolerable. Putting the break rooms/smoking area inside the security perimeter would help, too. If Jeff Bezos were a bit more flexible with his human assets, this wouldn’t be a problem.

    • its not that bad been doing this for two years. these people are just mad because they didn’t git converted . theres two exits and two break rooms outside security and inside but you cant bring any personal items just sack type lunch. they should just been happy to have a job and be able to collect unemployment. and be re-hireable After 90 days.

    • there only concern is people stealing merchandise. nothing else if some real shit goes down the police are called. and the crazy thing is lots of integrity associate’s dont even know this lawsuit is going on with the rumor that integrity will be packing up and moving out. alit of lay offs