Are the Days of Secure Email Over?

With the recent shutdown of several email providers due to fears of NSA eavesdropping, is it finally time for enterprises to get more serious about encrypting their email traffic by default?

Email encryption technology has been around for decades, but largely ignored due to perceptions of being too difficult or too arcane. Watch our Hangout with Dice Security Talent Community Guide and Co-Author of Enterprise Messaging, David Strom, along with Wave Systems’ CEO Steven Sprague, and Senior Director of Product Marketing for McAfee Labs and former PGP Corp. executive Doug McLean, as they discuss encryption possibilities and best practices.

3 Responses to “Are the Days of Secure Email Over?”

  1. I guess my response to the question is a question: Were there EVER days when email was REALLY a secure method of communication?

    I mean REALLY…

    I’m not being a jerk, I’m being honest. As a consultant who had done security analysis for companies, large and small, I have yet to see a truly secure email solution.

    When I have designed secure communication methods for companies, It has not included email as the method for passing the information around.


  2. Brian Clark

    Following up on what Lee wrote, email has never been viewed as a secure communication solution. I think the issue here is one of privacy and not security. What is new to everyone is that the NSA monitors email of everyone in the U.S, and shares that information as they deem fit with our allies, such as Great Britain and Israel.

    Where it is impractical for the NSA to listen in to every verbal conversation people have, it seems that it is practical to “listen in” on every email conversation. Is this an invasion of privacy? Clearly it is. Is it illegal? Maybe. The courts will have to decide that.

    I don’t think this changes the general rule that everyone should have now, which is don’t put anything in an email that you don’t want spread around the Internet, either by someone you know or by the government.


  3. Pat Jones

    Yes, there were days when email was secure from outside snooping and it is called BES. BES uses still uses the Blackberry network and did you ever wonder why the governments and our president uses Blackberry’s