Bay Area CIOs Predict More Hiring in 4th Quarter

CIOs expect hiring freezes to thaw during the fourth quarter, according to a report released Wednesday by Robert Half Technology. As a result, more of the executives are bullish about filling vacant positions and expanding their staff headed into the close of the year.

Bay Area CIO Hiring Forecast Q4 2013The survey noted that only 13 percent of the Bay Area CIOs surveyed plan to put IT hiring on hold during the year’s final quarter. That’s 9 percentage points lower than the previous quarter, when 22 percent were hesitant about adding heads.

“The fourth quarter often brings many infrastructure changes and year-end projects,” notes Megan Slabinski, Robert Half Technology’s Bay Area District President. “We’re seeing companies looking to grow their permanent teams, which leads to more direct hires and contract-to-hire opportunities.”

CIO confidence about the fourth quarter edged up from the current quarter, with 90 percent feeling optimistic about their company’s growth prospects compared to 88 percent.

In the Bay Area, 55 percent of the CIOs are particularly interested in finding network administrators. Database managers and desktop support staff are also in-demand, with 43 percent looking hard for people with those skills.

Amid such strong demand, Bay Area CIOs say it’s tough to find enough applicants for these positions. Some 22 percent say networking is the most difficult functional area in which to recruit skilled IT workers, followed by 12 percent for help desk and technical support, and 11 percent for data and database management.

Overall, 64 percent of the region’s CIOs say it’s somewhat to very difficult to find skilled IT workers today. That puts them in a tough spot, especially when 71 percent are confident their companies will invest in IT projects before the end of the year.

2 Responses to “Bay Area CIOs Predict More Hiring in 4th Quarter”

  1. Steve in AZ

    CIO’s never address doing hiring in the current quarter, regardless of which quarter it is. Another thing they like to say is “we plan to hire after the 1st of the year”. I got tired of US West saying that at every job fair I went to….one time i told them “You said that at the last fair. Now it IS after the first of the year, and I still don’t see any hiring done” They said “well sir, we meant after the 1st of NEXT year”. Whenever a CIO or an HR person says tto me they are hiring next quarter, last quarter, 1st of next year, basically it is just a cop-out that everyone uses because they don’t have any current openings, and don’t anticipate any openings.

    If these companies are having such a hard time finding teck workers, they should try sites such as where they can advertise their openings, and I’m told they have access to thousands of resumes . If they would just DUMP the automated pre-screenign software, and realize that not everyone is going to come right out of school with 5 – 10 years of industry experience, and already be equipped with proprietary knowlledge on that company’s products, maybe they would find someone to hire.

  2. James Beatty

    to answer you steve there is a whole bunch of liars in charge now that don’t realize in order to do something one must know something. us west is a very dynamic culture in and my time there I found the people of Enterprise to be the best group. No the process isn’t working. Heck I just had a woman from esp yesterday tell me that I’m ‘Over Qualified’ for a position. That just smacks of discrimination in the age department. I’m waiting for one recruiter to get back to me about a job that he was gung ho about when he could interrupt me during moment of grieving for the loss of a family member but do you think I’m worried. Nope. For every rejection it just draws me closer to where I’m supposed to be…..;) Law School….;)