Dell Begins Layoffs

Following a weak second quarter performance resulting in a 72 percent drop in profits to $204 million and flat revenue growth of $14.5 billion, Dell initiated a round of layoffs.

Dell LogoThe struggling PC maker confirmed it initiated a “limited workforce action,” but Dell Spokesman David Frink declined to provide specifics on the scope of the layoffs or the locations affected.

India may be one of the affected layoff sites. Dell is reportedly considering closing its call center in Mohali, which would result in approximately 1,000 jobs getting cut, according to The Economic Times.

According to its filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Dell had approximately 108,800 regular employees worldwide at the end of its fiscal year on Feb. 1. 40,500 of them were in the U.S., and approximately 68,300 were based offshore, according to the filing.

Even though the company recently instituted cuts, Frink said the computer maker added employees to its U.S. and global workforce this year and last, and, perhaps more importantly, the company continues to hire. It’s not clear whether these new hires will be stationed in the U.S., aboard or both.

“We…continue to hire for a variety of skill sets as we invest in additional engineering, technology solutions and enterprise sales capabilities,” Frink said.

One Response to “Dell Begins Layoffs”

  1. michelobe dell

    One of the most unprofessional companies I’ve ever had the displeasure of working with. They treat their employees like cattle. If they even think you are not doing your job, you are gone. They do not care about people, you are disposable to them. They only hire people who have GED’s or a high school diploma yet many positions require certification which you must attain within 45 days of being hired. If you do get considered you will be interviewed by someone with less experience and knowledge then you and lacking any type of college education. These people have no interested in real IT workers, only indentured slaves who have formerly worked at the grocery store and auto parts warehouses who do not like any competition in their workplace. Being laid-off is a constant worry, former employees come and go like a revolving door. People get let go while still in training, and that happens often and quite regularly. They are also the reason why federal services are so poor, as they have one of the largest contracts. Unless you enjoy poorly built PC’s, poor customer service, and being micromanaged on a daily basis stay far far away. This is what happens when your company grows beyond its scope and is not properly managed in scale. If you got stock dump it, because the only thing keeping Dell going is its fed contracts and they are not the only fish in the water. Good riddance to bad rubbish, another round of layoff’s for Dell, more news at 11.