3D Printing Solves Your Christmas Gift Conundrum

3D printing continues to generate a lot of buzz as people come up with more ways to use it to create everything from pens that let you draw in 3D, to 3D printed prosthetics, even 3D food (as if there’s any other kind.). Today, let’s get into the details on an application of you may not have heard about yet. Let’s just say it’s not only cool, it might take care of your Christmas shopping, too.


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One Response to “3D Printing Solves Your Christmas Gift Conundrum”

  1. I cannot wait for 3D printing to become even more mainstream. People are already doing some really incredible things with this technology. A lot of people seem to fear it, but it’s just the same as any other technology, it is not inherently evil, it’s a matter of how it’s used. The exact same thing could be said of guns and nuclear power.