Creative Contest Site Lacks Programmer, Plans to Shut Down

Online photo contest site Worth1000 is counting the days before its current live site becomes a static museum of past entries on September 30.

Worth1000 LogoFounder Avi Muchnick says the 11-year-old site, whose name is a play on how a picture is supposedly worth 1,000 words, has suffered from neglect.

“Over time, Worth1000 traffic was negatively impacted by my lack of attention to the site and in general it was clear to me it needed a new owner,” Muchnick told TechCrunch. “While I had a lot of interest, I didn’t find the right buyer that would be a good fit for the community and make a transition worthwhile.”

If he cannot find a programmer willing to rebuild the site – probably for free – Muchnick says turning the site into an archive is his only option. Muchnick is also Co-Founder of Aviary, a creator of photo editing software for smartphones.

Worth1000 is best known for contests in which users modify photographs to fit into a specific theme, such as “Silly Stand-Ins,” “Water Pomp” and “Traffic Violations.” However, the site also features photography, illustration, writing and multimedia contests.

In forums on the site, users and staff are already lamenting Worth1000’s apparent doom.

“It’s been a good run,” wrote user BonnySaintAndrew. “Eleven years of outstanding art; friendships forged, laughter shared, heartache and pain, good times and bad times… With the active W1k going to the great static museum in the sky, how are we to fill our time without it? How are we going to channel our creative juices into one big happy bathtub of awesomeness?”

Interested volunteer programmers can contact Muchnick at A good first task might be removing the Worth1000 banner that proclaims, “Passing SOPA will mean the end of Worth1000.” Just a suggestion.

3 Responses to “Creative Contest Site Lacks Programmer, Plans to Shut Down”

  1. Hi thanks for the article. I do want to correct a misconception that appeared in it though (and was first propagated by the techcrunch article):

    I’m not looking for free development work. I would have happily paid someone if that was my only objective. Development work would still require me to maintain and grow the site, which I have neither the time or resources for.

    I am simply not the right owner anymore and therefore I am looking to sell the site to a new owner who can grow and maintain it properly.

    Sorry for any confusion this may have caused!